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“But I'm going nowhere, getting there soon,/I might as well just sink down with you.” -Fountains Of Wayne, ‘Sink To The Bottom’

Gallus and Silverstream are finally a serious couple. This, of course, gives Silverstream the idea of having the them visit her parents in Seaquestria. Gallus isn’t sure what he dreads more: meeting the hippogriff’s parents or the water.

Cover art commissioned from TwistedSketch.

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Gallus meeting silverstream's family? Uh, YES PLEASE! :pinkiehappy:

Gallus quickly interrupted, “How did they find out we were dating?”
“Because I told them?” Silverstream admitted with a smile.

She's too adorable to be mad at

“It’s just my parents! I don’t even think Terramar will be home.

The fic's cover art and character tags seem to suggest otherwise, Silverstream.

Good start. Looking forward to seeing this continue!

If I was Gallup’s I would have the same reaction.

I so want her extended family to come, Gallus needs to meet Novo and Skystar

This is already so cute, I'm looking forward to more!

:trollestia: And that is how Gallus became Princess Twilights Captain of the Guard
:moustache: Can't merry into Royalty without the proper rank and file
:duck: Unless you're me, Spikey be ready for the Royal betrothing of the Griff Griffs!
:facehoof: They all have dates and all I have a headache
:pinkiehappy: POOL PARTY!

Omg thats so amazing that Gallus and Silverstream are dating 😍 and it looks like there friends are pretty excited for them and oh boy Gallus is going to meet Silverstream family i wonder what going to happen next i guess will find out next time

Silver stream and Gallus are a nice coupling, not just cause they are both half bird, their personalities are diffrent in complimentary ways. Also got a feeling Auntie Novo is going to be the one grilling Gallus the most. Oceanflow feels more like a "hippy" type and Seaspray though military doesn't feel like the overprotective dad type. Skystar is too much like her cousin to not be super happy for Silver stream, and I think Teramr will get along with Gallus well.

Let me get this straight, they have a museum... of stairs... A museum just packed to the brim full of stairs. Do they have walk able replicas or something? I don't know what I hate more, that fact that this is believable or the fact that Silverstream went through 4 disposable cameras taking pictures of stairs and not more.

Not even sure if I'm going to read this, but dat Streetlight Manifesto reference...

Ain’t my first one and certainly won’t be my last.

I am interested 👁️‍🗨️👄👁️‍🗨️

I have a soft spot for Silverstream’s family “adopting” Gallus.

Not going to lie, I read most Silverstream x Gallus stories on this site already, but this one in particular definitely caught my attention for the Streetlight Manifesto song in the title.

Looking good, great start. I’ll be following this one. Thumbs up and faved.

Ah, I've always shipped the birb hybrids. Certainly gonna be interesting. What do you say when you're eating dinner with royalty? Guess we'll find out. Upvoted and Tracking.

Good start. I expected Gallus to push back a little more, but I'm excited to see how this goes.

Comment posted by williamrock deleted Sep 10th, 2020

I fully admit that I'm here entirely on the promise of the title

Gallus shrugged, “I don’t know, what do you want me to say? It just happened. Like, I don’t know, you know when you’re on a trip and you’re so focused on getting to the destination that you don’t realize you pass a five cart pile-up and you’re covered in ticks until you stop?”

Must have been some crazy dates... okay I'm down with this, look forward to seeing more!

Silverstream comforting Gallus is 1 million % adorable

Geez Terramar, you're an awfully morbid fellow.

There's a lot of repetition in this chapter.

The griffon’s entire body was frozen in panic. His talons still held the necklace he was given. However, Silverstream took it upon herself to place the necklace around the petrified Gallus.

Oops You didn't Think about that huh Gallus 😅

“Ready?” Silverstream asked. Her voice was gentle and relaxed, as if she were a teacher guiding their pupil.

That's pretty much foreshadowing she's gonna be a teacher

“Ooo!” Silverstram raised her limb up in the air as if she was about to explore if she didn’t answer, “I have an idea!”

Gallus was quick to add, “And it has to be based in reality.”

She lowered her limb, still smiling, “Oh, then no.”

Lol ok that was funny 😄

The white hippogriff opened the front door. He then turned to face both Silverstream and Gallus as he began to close the door behind him. “Good luck, Gallus. You’re gonna need it.” With that, he closed the door.

“Wait, what does he mean by that?” Gallus asked.

Ohhh lol wow Terramar man You're something else kid

ok so Gallus and Silverstream made it to Mount Aris now they they are going to Sequestria where her mom lives which that made gallus more Nervous but its sweet silverstream is helping him to face his fear just like that episode What lies beneath So they finally swim down and finally got to the city and to her home So far meeting the parents is going smoothly and Terramar got a job I didn't know that Well helpfully dinner would be OK and hopefully he doesn't get too nervous Can't wait to see how this will work out

Kind of surprised you left out Yona and Sandbar's relationship

So.... you gave Yona's fear of water to Gallus....?

And that one of my bestest friends is visiting as well, it’s going to be so fun!” Silverstream was bouncing in her seat.

Don’t you mean boyfriend, silverstream?

Gallus opened his eyes to see the familiar seapony Silverstream he had come to know.

So, he met siverstream as a seapony?

“That’s right! I’m so proud of you!” the hippogriff cheered and gave a quick hug to the newly transformed griffon, “I’m also happy to see that your claustrophobia isn’t setting in!”

It’s funny because I feel like that’s something she would say.

Didn't Silverstream practically pull him into the water back when the Tree of Harmony was testing them? Gallus didn't seem scared then. Also, I'm a bit confused by Silverstream's obliviousness to her boyfriend's discomfort since she was quite aware of it last chapter.


So, he met siverstream as a seapony?

There are various ponds and other 'bodies' of water around the school, so we can assume Gallus has seen her in seapony form at least a few times.

Oh yea, I forgot about those.

“Just don’t worry about it! Because if you do, you might start thinking about how all of the water pressure pushing down on your normal griffon body would immediately crush your bones and you’ll blackout before you even reach the surface!” Silverstream spoke with a very cheerful demeanor.

Does that mean if I accidentally transform back to my normal form in Seaquestria, I will die horribly? I'm sure that's definately bad for tourism.
Btw, Silverstream is really cute.

Yeah, that’s Silverstream alright.

Oh Silverstream, you adorable little cucoo.

You've got Seaquestria spelled "Sequestria" throughout, which, given its history, is kind of hilarious.

Oh man, I can’t believe I missed that. Thanks for point it out, all corrected now!

:moustache: Really Hockey?
:duck: It's the little dragon in me
:facehoof: The last line nails it. It's Silverstream in a nut shell

Queen Silverstream? Nooooo, I see nothing wrong here.

“So,” Gallus continued, “it’s possible that Silverstream could ascend to the throne and rule all of the hippogriffs?”

The whole kingdom is doomed.

Silverstram continued with her playful teasing, “Don’t act like you don’t like it when we sleep together!”

Oh dang it silverstream That is something you should never mentioned in front of your parents :facehoof:

“What? Yes, we are. We like to sleep in the same bed together once in a while!” Silverstream happily said.

Oh god please silverstream stop talking 😱

“Well, it turns out Sandbar is pretty good on ice, which was a bit of a shock, and Yona knows how to be a great goalie.”” Gallus answered. He then had a slight chuckle, “And no creature makes the mistake of trying to pick a fight with Yona or any of us more than once, in or out of the rink.”

Oh trust If you ever pick a fight with yona you will knock out cold lol

“She was back teaching on Monday,” Silverstream added, “I’m still surprised that of all our professors, she’s the hockey fan.”

Trust me rartiy May not be a good at magic but she is pretty good at hand to hand or hoof Physical fight 😅

Gallus sighed and turned to the pink hippogriff, “Just how much work does it take to be that dumb?”

“Quite a bit!” she answered cheerfully.

Well I guess she didn't take it as an insult

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