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"Every story ever told actually happened. Stories are where memories go when they're forgotten." - Dr. Who.


Being Captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard is a tough job be it from dealing with the public or, more often than not, the boredom. In those times, one's own past and thoughts may be a greater adversary than any attempt on the Princess's life.

Gallus comes home after one such mental battle, hoping to find refuge in the one place he knows the enemy can't touch him.

Spoilers for Season 9 Finale and Epilogue

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Yay for more GalluStream!

Ooh, never thought of Silverstream becoming headmare at the school! Nice job giving the ship more fuel.

*throws logs furiously onto the ship fire*
Have you seen Episode 26? Don't want to say anything else.

Oh ok, just wanted to make sure! I refuse to be the carrier of spoilers! I saw them in the background and was like *....huh. Maybe that's a thing?* Could have been Sunburst too, but he may be a TAD too high strung.

Aww that was so wholesome. Lovely read, always love more Gallustream stories!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I honestly love the dynamic between the two, even if it's extrapolating. Wholesome was my goal!

Hummm only issue I have is I never got the impression Starlight stopped being Headmare, nothing seems to indicate Silverstream was more than a teacher along side Smolder, Ocelleus and the CMC. I admit I was hoping Silver and Gallus would of had a child in the story.
If you do another story maybe visit in on Yona and Sandbar? Episode 26 showed them living in Carousel Boutique so I can only assume Yona ended up working for Rarity and married Sandbar. Certainly not the kind of life a Yak would expect to live.

Only thing I find odd is Starlight stepping down so soon. But otherwise, great chapter for a great ship.

True True. But maybe she's overseeing another school? (Global unity and all that) I tooootally didn't forget completely Starlight was...the...headmare...or anything.....
*corrected that. Because honestly that was a total blank on my part.

That's....a very good point.
It hath been fixed, because quite frankly I blanked on that. :twilightblush:

Hmmm. Honestly, ponies and yak's just aren't my style :rainbowwild: So that's prooooobably not going to come from me at least. I think quite a few other authors are going to jump at it though!

Teacher/Ambassador is still a sweet gig :)

Oh I fully agree, and it's much more in-line with Silverstream's character. So thank you for that catch!

More GalluStream from the GalluStream writer, not gonna complain. And I'm glad someone did something with Gallus' revealed role as Captain of the Royal Guard.

And one little spelling error I spotted at the end of this paragraph with two "is."

How could I forget? She knows; the one creature I can trust with it all. The same hippogriff who stuck by my side through all those sessions with Trixie, other counselors, and all the nightmares. She was always there…is still is here at my side.

Thank you for fueling my life with more birb romance, you're one of the reasons I stay up past 1AM.

Am I THE GalluStream writer?

Oh, thank you for that catch! This was a fun one to write =) I had to do SOMETHING with them after the finale!
........as for your sleep schedule, I'm not apologizing- instead, you are most welcome for the fuel! :rainbowlaugh: (Seriously get some sleep though!)

[reads Author's Note]

Oh, totally not. No way in the slightest. And I certainly didn't think of a particular author when I saw that Gallus was Captain of the Guard. 😏

Really liked the story. Also agree with your sentiments regarding the show: sad that it's ended but good that it's not going to be dragged out too long. Not sure if there will ever be a time I don't miss G4, but I am glad I found the show and experienced it. Will be giving G5 a chance too, whenever it comes out.

Oh? :pinkiehappy: I certainly had the thought of 'wait a minute. CALLED IT!' :rainbowlaugh: I have to wonder how much WAS influenced by various fandoms in a general sense (Ships, etc)

.....and now I'm starting to wonder. Am I know as the Gallus/Silverstream author? :rainbowderp:

I'm glad you enjoyed the story! And yeah, G4 will always be the pinnacle I think, and certainly hold a special place in my heart.
G5...eh, it won't have the writers of G4, and therefore I doubt will have the adult easter eggs/appreciation of the fandom. But to each their own; I'd say the G4 fandom isn't going anywhere anytime soon! The way I see it, all we have now is an end of 'canon' material. Now we've got an entire 9 seasons to play with!


Captain? Surely Fizzlepop is the captain of the guard and Gallus is her XO.

That wouldn't surprise me either. But I was just going off what the writers apparently intended (was mentioned in a Q/A)

True. There's a lot of material to sift through for inspiration, even in the finale alone. There are some things I am curious about, like what records did RD set in the Wonderbolts and how was the transition to her being captain made, is Luster Dawn really Starlight and Sunburst's daughter (despite this fitting with one of my ships regarding Starlight, can't help but feel this is a stretch some people are making), and what happened with Cadance and Shining Armor now that Flurry Heart rules the Crystal Empire. But a show will never have ALL the possible questions answered, which in a sense is good cause that can server as inspiration to animators, artists, and authors.

Not sure about if you are officially known as such... buuuuuuuut, most of the Gallus/Silverstream stories I've read here were written by you (though that could also be cause I've liked yours better...not sure).

I'm basically going into G5 with low expectations and know it'll be weird if they have the same characters but changed. Still, I was a senior in HS when this show came out and I know that if someone suggested that I watched it then, I would not have. I'm glad I was unexpectedly lead to the show cause of a college assignment and became a fan. I guess knowing that I wouldn't have given G4 a shot at some point makes me want to avoid possibly making the same mistake twice. But G4 will always be in a class of its own, imo.

I’m so glad Gallus became a knight! Though it is sad to see the series ending :( Nothing like a good ol’ fic of Gallstream fluff to fix everything!

I do hope that season 10 in the comics shows that Gallus and Silverstream end up being together!

Those are very good points; I never heard the one about Luster Dawn though. There's so many things here and there that could be nitpicked/etc, I just try to see it as an overall 'setting' of the show. Especially with how the writing has been, there's just oodles and oodles of unanswered questions, some of which are HUGE plot holes/literary atrocities.

Like, don't get me started. But to focus on that would drive anyone batty. :pinkiecrazy:

:twilightsmile: Well, yay! Honestly if I was 'officially' known as that, I'd be totally tickled. Buuuuuut not sure who could make that call. I'm glad you've enjoyed them!

I completely agree. I delved in out of curiosity halfway in Season 1 and was hooked around the same time period (Senior in HS I believe. Or College freshman). Goodness, that was ages ago....
G4 will always be 'the' MLP, I think. G5 I don't even know if I'll look at, but will see what people think in general. Time will tell! I think there will always be a core G4 following for many, MANY years to come. And that's a comforting thought.

:pinkiehappy: I saw that and was like 'CALLED. IT!'
That'd be a pipe dream of mine- the writers having gotten the idea from one of my stories....buuuuuuut yeah, likelihood of that.....:trollestia:

Last I checked, aren't the comics in a semi-alternate reality? (Not that it matters) I really need to read those I think. I'd love to see those two together though! And yeah, it's sad that it is ending. While I'm reluctant to see G4 closing, I'm also glad they don't drag it out anymore (since the writing was really beginning to suffer/led me actually just skipping episodes altogether.)

Beautiful. Always good to see more from you and it’s great to see more of these two birbs. Even in a short story they work so well together and you did a great job capturing the emotional side of the story which is where the real powers of d’aaaww come from.

Now I need to catch up on the last episodes. But this is making me excited to see them as it looks like there is some good stuff to work with in stories.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And that's a very good way of putting it- the episodes certainly give a plethora of material to work with!

Please excuse me while I weep at this piece both for it's beautiful writing and for how it struck a chord in me, and tell you that is a seminal piece of MLP literature and deserves to be featured at minimum, and should be preserved in the Royal Canterlot Library.

This was phenomenal. Well done.

That is high praise, thank you so much! I'm tickled to know it struck a personal chord with a reader! :yay:
(My brain on reading your lovely comment = Clicky

I have a crush on Gallus, so I had to read this. It was very sweet and its what I needed while I work my way through my post -Finale blues.

Glad I could help! :twilightsmile:

I very much enjoyed this fic. A lot. Two thumbs up. 👍👍

:yay: I'm happy to hear it!

I honestly L O V E this so much!!! Gallustream has been my first authentic OTP after YEARS of shipping like, three main ones. I love fanfics that deal w/ Gallus’ mental struggle cuz it had to be one of the reasons he’s such an amazing character!!! Mwah, love it!!!

Aww they are so cute together and I know the past will never change But they head to look to the future and im sure he won't do this alone

I loved this!

Hi! I’m not sure if you remember me but I commented quite frequently on some previous Gallustream fics of yours.

Really liked the story! I’m glad Silverstream and Gallus can still connect with each other, their jobs are preetty far away from each other.

:pinkiehappy: *waves* I'm glad you enjoyed it! They're a really fun pair to write, so I definitely had to do this one where they could still see each other.

Everyone united in friendship, just how it should be .

*an ominous SNAP sounds in the distance, and the skies begin to fill with dust...*

Every time I hear "just how it should be" or other variants of the phrase, I think of Thanos. XD

As a portal snapped into existence, Gallus shook his head as he walked through towards his home.

RadBunny, you sure do like your magic portal crystals, eh?

Fifteen years since our adventures, another fifteen since that part of my life and I still have nightmares.

Er… how old are they at the school? If Gallus is talking about “fifteen years” since the “poverty” part of his life, and that being before the school era… was he around 20 at the School of Friendship? Because if he was younger than 5 he would remember almost nothing. I wouldn’t think him that old at the School of Friendship, however…

One word is all it took to make me the happiest I’ve ever been. Early thirties; we were behind our friends in that aspect, true, but here we are.

Yeah, ok, definitely confused. Previous paragraph puts it +7 years from SoF graduation to marriage, and “early 30s”, so they were at least *twenty three* when the show ended? Wow. I would have said 18 at the most, and more likely 15! They’re supposed to be younger than the elements, and I would have put the elements at 17-20 in season 1, or no more than 24 by the end of the show. I don’t think the show does a 1:1 match of seasons to years, but that’s my own opinion.

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