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"Every story ever told actually happened. Stories are where memories go when they're forgotten." - Dr. Who.


Personal discovery is a wonderful thing. In Silverstream's case, five words softly uttered from a certain distraught friend was all it took to ignite a furious fire in her heart.

Unfortunately for Grampa Gruff, he was flammable.

*Spoilers for Season 9 Episode: A Horse Shoe-In*

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Yeah you pretty much had Silver saying what I wanted to say to Gruff when he said those words about Gallus! *big applause*

Glad I nailed it! That one scene and seeing Gallus's dismal expression the entire time, just....ouch.

Damn, you wasted no time on something like this. Good job.

I literally watched the episode, and my brain went 'Hey. HEY. You should write something.' A few minutes of brainstorming aaaaaand here we are. :rainbowlaugh: Glad you liked it!

Indeed, despite her flaws I'm glad Trixie told him off in the episode.

I agree. She'd be a horrible Vice-Headmare....but fantastic on telling a certain gryphon to brush off!

That was fantastic. The idea of Silverstream getting so angry and telling someone off sounds out of character, but not the way you wrote it. It was entirely believable, and such a beautiful gesture. The bit at the end nearly made me tear up.

Wonderful job :twilightsmile:

I'm so glad it felt so! :twilightsmile:I wanted to capture that Silverstream is just excitable/emotional- and we just haven't seen that emotion directed in defense of somecreature yet!

That's fantastic :rainbowlaugh: PREACH TRIXIE!

A certain Yak and Dragon caught his gaze- and the older gryphon thought it wise to leave.


Very quickly. As in don't walk, run. :trixieshiftleft:

Y'know, thinking about it, the ship featured here is nice and all, it truly is...but not necessarily required. By which I mean that I could see pretty much all of Gallus's friends doing this, or something much like it, if given the chance, romance or no. But then all that says is that Gallus has some pretty great friends across the board anyway. :twilightsmile:

Don't mess with the Yak or Dragon! :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm. A fair point, and I agree; it would be possible for any of his friends to do so, depending on the circumstance. I am obviously biased though :twilightblush:

Reminds me of when she told off the illusion of the storm king. Great job.

HIPPOGRIFF POWER! :pinkiehappy: Glad you liked it!

I like it. Nice addition to the shipping.

The story was totally worth reading. Now I need to see that episode..

That was cute.

This was nicely cathartic.
I haven't even seen the latest seasons but that didn't take away from this story and these characters, it was great seeing Silverstream stand up for her friend, especially for something so personal, and so painful.

Finally! Gallus still owes her Hug Time. Back in the cave, he said, and I quote: "Hug time later!".

Well, it's later now. Prepare to be hugged, Frowny Blue Catbirb of Happiness. With interest.

Spike's not the only one who gets a birb waifu. Birb's need birbs too. Adorable

:rainbowlaugh: Yup!

That is true. You may want to check out Stream of Silver Heart of Gold....:moustache: That phrase makes an appearance actually.

I'm so glad! The goal was to have it flow naturally and seem like a possible extension of the show itself, if anything.


Silverstream/Gallus seems to be a popular ship. Yona/Sandbar gained popularity once it was cannonized and it is cannon they not only date but end up together in the end the pairings feel good together, though I think the Young six don't all pair off, Ocelleus and Smolder just don't fit together, I could see Ocelleus being bi(what is gender to a shapeshifter?) maybe even Smolder too( though less likely) just not with each other. But as said I can see Silverstream pairing with Gallus and giving Gruff a piece of her mind about hurting her man!

I don't know about the spoiler part; but I've always seen Gallus and Silverstream ending up together. There's multiple hints here and there, and even if it's never really confirmed it just seems natural character-wise. But other than that, I see it as a fairly open ended thing.

Did anyone else have the urge to smack a certain Gruff Gryphon? Anyone?

A sea of hands, hooves, wings and paws raise into the air

Just me?

Did anyone else have the urge to smack a certain Gruff Gryphon? Anyone? Just me?

Oh, yeah! I most certainly did. That's why, even if Trixie didn't handle the situation "diplomatically", I pretty much stood up and applauded when Trixie told him off. Arguably her best moment in the episode, in my opinion.

Well... That was sweet. (Note to self, don’t stay in Ponyville if I ever end up in Equestria: they’re too emotional.)

Loved this short! And aside from Yona X Sandbar, this is probably the best ship in the School of Friendship.

I agree! They're just adorable.
The fact Gallus looks so despondent the entire time was just a 'ouch' moment. Go Trixie!

This was really well-done, I got a real kick out of it! Good for you, Silverstream! :twilightsmile:

I will always support this ship, it's been hinted at a bit. Gallus should move in with Silverstream on Mount Aris since there's really nothing for him back at Griffonstone, and based on her love for stairs I'm sure she prefers to live on land.

I'm glad! And go Silverstream go! :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, there's been a lot of hints. Quite frankly it just makes sense character-wise. Even if never confirmed (or if the 'writers' blatantly try and sink it...) I will refuse to canonize such a decision. :rainbowlaugh: *looks at other stories* Then again, I'm also severely biased!
Something about rejecting their reality and substituting my own....:trixieshiftright:

I cried. Bravo on all counts. This was fabulous!

Wanderer D

Cute, but I really don't see Grandpa Gruff just being intimidated by Silverstream's righteous anger. The dude is used to stuff like that. He's from Griffonstone. Silverstream might scream all she wants (for good reason, granted) but the chances of him backing down or being walked over and then scurrying away are closer to zero if he's in character.

Hmm, that's a very good point, and I'd agree. Perhaps I didn't portray that aspect as fully as I should have. I wanted to show that he's more concerned about his reputation- not necessarily just Silverstream, but somewhat. Only then maybe seeing that he's the focus of a good deal of negative attention would he possibly scurry away.

Hopefully good tears!:twilightsmile:

It was ALL the good tears. As an adoptive mom myself, I just wanted to scoop Gallus up, hug him, and tell him that somebody will always want him and that Grampa Gruff doesn't know what he's missing!

Awwww. Yeah, Gallus's expression during the whole conference was just a very 'ow...' moment.

My heart was bleeding for him. I couldn't stop crying and had to call my daughter to tell her I loved her because I was so at my maximum.


I KNOW! Hopefully he ends up happy....


Silverstream let out a slight squeak as Gallon gave her claws a squeeze, her cheeks burning.

That should say Gallus, not Gallon.

I'm going to echo what 9834427 said. Grandpa Gruff wouldn't have been intimidated in that situation. It was OOC for him to get put in his place so easily.

But hey, that's not a deal-breaker. I'm always down for Gallstream shipping, and you delivered the goods. Bless.

And now that I think about it, I agree; Perhaps I should have pushed more the 'concerned about his reputation' rather than Silverstream. But then again, we don't have TOO much to draw on for him. I appreciate the feedback; hindsight is 20/20!

:trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright: No idea what you're talking about.
Thank you!


If weren't for the fact that his claws are still sharp, I would pluck his feathers off.
Right after plucking a certain griffion tour guide, who would leave someone in trouble behind if they didn't have any bits to pay her.

Haven't had a new Gallstream Fic in a while, this was a nice read that was also uplifting and cute.

True, the ship kind of sailed, but then lurked. (I certainly crafted my own flagship and sent it sailing with a LONG series on it...that I need to clean up actually, :trixieshiftright: ) But I'm glad you like it! The ship is still sailing for many!

:rainbowlaugh: Well, gryphons be gryphons. I thought in this case it was especially cruel...and if you see how Gallus looks during the entire exchange....:fluttercry:

Oh man, this was so good. The ending was so sweet my eyes nearly leaked liquid manliness. :pinkiesad2:

Unfortunately for Grampa Gruff, he was flammable.

Unfortunately for the readers there was a complete lack of fire.

And extreme lack of death.

I don't think he'd care about reputation either. Gruff lives in an area where people regularly would cheat and do anything for money. Including watch people die if they didn't pay them for their time along with the fact that high apathy towards fellow griffons and others is a standard ideal outside of "What can they do to enhance my life?". Why would he care about what ponies think? He's already apparently a high ranking (if not the highest) of that area and the ponies can't change that in the least. The fact that he's actually doing this without payment (despite being an asshole) still makes him out to be one of the surprisingly better Griffons from that area. Having to deal with someone potentially far worse in that area would actually only be a problem for Ponies.

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