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"You think you know me..."


Gallus really should have remembered that not only was he friends with a changeling, but said changeling can feel certain emotions.

Specifically: Love.

Implied Gallus x Silverstream

Pre-Read by Darth Link 22

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Interesting dynamic inherent in being friends with an emotivore. Also biting your tongue as a griffin would be incredibly painful.

This was cute. :twilightsmile: I caught something, though:

How her cries of laughter echoed in him like a sympathy of emotions he never felt nor understood.

Was this wordplay with Ocellus, or was this supposed to be 'symphony'?

I'm really starting to grow fond of this ship.

That was really cute.:twilightsmile:

I ship it. they would be such a sweet couple.

fourth in line

You mean thrid, Novo is on the throne, Skystar is the heir appearent/ thus first in line, Ocean Flow is second, and unless sons inherit before daughters, Silverstream is thrid in line to sucede the throne.

I had a feeling Dawn Flower's story influenced this one. Surprised to see I was actually right.

I liked this. Short, but sweet. Also, that ending was perfect.

Oh, I definitely need to read this one before I release that next fic: this is totally something I've thought about...

“Well, let’s just say he’s not inviting you to meet his family for the reasons you were mentioning earlier…”

Made my day

Ayyyy! I see I was not the only one to take inspiration from Dawn Flower! :rainbowwild:

Great story!

That was a really sweet story. Gallus really needs a good family in his life. I remember first I preferred Gallus with Smolder since they had way more in common, but the more time Gallus spent with Silverstream the more I preferred him with her. Things got a bit weird with that ending though. Hope Sandbar is willing to fall back on Ocellus.

No unless he's bi.

:duck: Ocellus said what?
:moustache: Does she looks like she's gaining weight?
:twilightsmile: An over fed changeling

:rainbowlaugh: I love myself

:trollestia: I love cake


Why you gotta do that to sandbar and gallus? You know how much it sucks to deal with the friend zone?

Gallstream forever! Someone just earned a new follower.

This was nice! I love seeing anything GallStream related.

I did note quite a few errors, lots of little things like a duplicated sentence in the first paragraph and some odd word choices. Also Gallus was a bit wordier than his character should allow for at times, but those are fairly small details. I really like the idea behind this, so have an updoot!

“Gee, I don’t know maybe because she’s from the Royal Family of the Hippogriffs while I am an orphaned griffin with no family history and can barely afford to live alone?”

Gallus really needs to see Aladdin.

Loved this story very much :twilightsmile: so cute

...except the ending that was really weird.

Great story....ending was bad but other than that it was great, pretty good stuff man.

Does Gallus know that Twilight wasn't a princess when Shining Armor married Princess Cadance? Even though Shining Armor WAS Captain of the Royal Guard. (Smolder DID recognize Chrysalis, unless Ocellus just turned into her to show them so they'd know if they ever ran into her)

He may not be from a royal family, but he's the closest thing to a griffon ambassador that exists. He's gonna have clout when he graduates, and Queen Novo is savvy enough to see that.

Bwaaaaahahahahahaaa, I loved the ending.

Don't ask questions to which you're not prepared for the answers to.

Well, depends on if it's the physical he's into or the masculine personality. I mean, Ocellus can pick and choose, after all!

Though I had a hunch as soon as the braiding came up....

Just gotta be careful about breaking it to him.

So Gallus x Silverstream and Ocellus x Sandbar
Which leads with Smolder and Yona looking for love.

I saw the title and immediately thought of that Cards Against Humanity fic.

OK, I was not expecting that ending! For the longest time, I've been aware of GalBar (or whatever the commonly accepted name is), and I knew Gallus x Silverstream would be a thing after What Lies Beneath came about. But I assumed only the latter ship, the one in the summary, would be touched upon in this fic. Nice one!

Nobles tend to only date among their own for prestige purposes.

Tfw you have high Prestige in Crusader Kings 2, but all your kids have the Inbred trait. :pinkiecrazy:

I saw the title and thought of Team Four Star.
"Krillin do you sense that?".
"I feel that".

"Krillin do you feel that?".
"I taste that".

Part of me thought this was a sequel to Love Letter but the ending kinda crush that thought lol.

Ahahaha, that twist at the end was perfect:rainbowlaugh:

Loved this story, Really sweet:pinkiesmile:

Pretty good. On the technical side, I thought at some points your character voices could maybe use a little refinement, but nothing big.

My only real complaint would be that the story ultimately feels somewhat pointless as there is no real payoff. Even something as simple as a final scene where Gallus meets Silverstream and shows signs of acting on his feelings would probably have mitigated that. That last joke, while not terrible, seems a bit out of place tone-wise and I sorta got the impression you just needed a way to wrap it all up.

So, perfectly decent story, but maybe try to be a bit more committed to the narrative you're setting up.

It's a lovey story.
To be honest I was also wondering how this feeling other ponies feelings thing works for changelings. I wonder how Ocellus can filtering the many feelings that are surrounding her. Also, how would she react if Gallus would start to daydreaming about Silverstream in a way deeper level. If you know what I mean.:raritywink:

Gallus growled, folding his arms. He glared at the table with his teeth gritting.

What teeth?

I believe he has a crush on Gallus.

It's got me thinking... gay ships generally make me a little uncomfortable, but the dynamic between Gallus and Sandbar is perfect for romance. The same goes for Gallus and Silverstream, but in a different way. Plus it's not as off-putting for people like me.

What is their name, anyway? I'm going with "Silvus". Whatever it is, it's currently my favorite ship.

Oh, also, great story. Almost feels like an MLP episode — so fucking wholesome. I love it ^^

This was a really cute story. Excellent work!

This is good! I loved it! :heart:

Comment posted by NicoRosyStar deleted Mar 13th, 2019

“Well, let’s just say he’s not inviting you to meet his family for the reasons you were mentioning earlier…”

Is this a gay tease?

Loved it, though I feel bad for Sandbar :pinkiesad2:

Okay, super cute story, liked and faved. Bravo

If I had to nitpick, it would be regarding Silverstream status. The fact that they never address her by any title, or parents, would point out that neither of her parents is Queen Novo's sibling, but Queen Novo's (assumably) deceased husband/baby daddy. Although depending on the circumstances, she could still be third in line... pretty sure it would require Queen and Princess to be the last two of their House, and that there weren't any caded Houses that sprung from their family somewhere down the line, or at least they've sprung very down the line... But of course, this is my headcannon, so this nitpick isn't valid ;p

Comment posted by Spritzkrieg deleted Mar 4th, 2019

This was SO. CUTE!

Why is everyone so upset thinking that Sandbar will get left out? This is Equestria; the three of them can just form a herd...(a.k.a., a sequel!) 😜

I SO VERY MUCH ship Gallus and Silverstream :heart:

That ending? Never a good place to be.
This fic is just sweet, but not too sweet; just the right amount of sweet. :pinkiesmile:

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