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I thought you retired! Ah well, good to see another fic from you. This was good too!

Yeah, I agree with what you said in your Author's Note. I don't know if I'm just looking in the wrong places, but I've barely seen any "Smollus" so far. When Season 8 started, I was expecting that to be a pretty big ship. Then Gallus and Silverstream had a few moments together (especially in "What Lies Beneath"), and that was all anybody wanted to talk about.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading this story. No particular reason why. It just clicked with me, I guess. Sometimes that's all there really is to it.

I kind of thought the same of SmolderxGallus early on, I expected it to be a big thing. But it never ended up that way.

On a story related note, I don't suppose Smolder might be willing to discuss her nightmare with a pony who is an expert in dealing with them? Maybe Princess Luna would have some guidance?

As a person who hasn't had pleasant dreams in years, I feel obligated to say that these are the only dreams I have. Or nightmares. I can remember them vividly because I dream nothing else. One that always affects me is like the way Smolder is describing it here. You try to find others and no one is around to respond.
Ive woken up in my bed, asking for help but no one comes. Then I realize im still asleep because my ass my be comfortable, but my eyes see four black walls and my own voice echoing. As I took therapy, it lead me to believe I have no one to really call for help or rely on when it comes down to things that really matter. My family are one thing but to really have no one right next to you when you need it most, its the most heartbreaking thing ever. For me, I have not been with anyone my entire life and at 27 years, I don't have anyone I can call at 2 or 3 in the morning for advice, help or otherwise.
My advice to any and all of you, is seek companionship, seek someone that you can call and ask for help. Even if you think you can do good alone, still have that one person you can hope that will give you some small comfort. Your mind will slowly break if you do not.
This story hits home and I love it. Amazing work with this.

My dream was just...so random than hers, except i feel her sympathy thoug

Like I said in the author's note, this was all very spur of the moment and a bit unplanned. The idea just came to me suddenly and as it was a quicky, I figured I could spare the time. :twilightsmile:

As for my "retirement," I guess it settled into more mostly retired...not actively seeking to do more fanfics per se, but might still make the odd exception from time to time if the inspiration strikes. Past experience has shown this was probably always the case.

I wouldn't expect anything too frequent or elaborate anytime soon, though. :raritywink:

9497410 9497462
I, too, expected it from the beginning, and have been continually surprised that it hasn't happened. I mean, if I, someone who's not really that much of a shipper, could pick up on it that quickly, then I figured the fanbase would've been all over it themselves.

Oh well. At least I can be assured I'm not the only one who thought it. :pinkiehappy:

A super cute story that had me feeling all warm and fuzzy.

I think I do ship Gallus and Smolder now :rainbowkiss:


Yes. I ship it.

I can... see it as going either way? They could easily stay as good friends from here or become something more.

Great story! Simple, sweet, and a heartwarming read. Good work!

I will totally see this as shippy, thank you very much!! :pinkiehappy: I LOVED to see Gallus and Smolder interacting in this, especially with all of the affection between them :trixieshiftright: And the concept of the fanfic is very interesting, since I never thought of Smolder as having a fear of being alone (heck, I tend to usually see her as an introvert). Really makes you feel for her considering the molt every dragon has to go through :pinkiesad2: And having Gallus bond with her because of his own loneliness in Griffonstone is a brilliant idea. It was awesome to see them let themselves be vulnerable with each other, considering that's not something either of their species allows.

Yes, the shipping fuel was off the charts!! My ship gas reached port, I now ship these two!! Wanna see them get together in real life!!

Early on, Squidward too realized how horrible it was to be utterly alone.


9497497 It's different for different people. I don't experience such things.

My nightmares are exceedingly sparse, and usually very bizarre when they do appear.

Mine are vivid and worst part is I can remember them just as vividly. I can never remember the good or decent dreams but the nightmares are always there

Monophobia is scary

9501026 I recall my nightmares, mainly because they are so rare that they stand out. However, I view them with fascination, as they're often very strange and surreal, yet frequently they also follow a distinct plotline progression.

I turned one of them into a sci-fi short story 10 or so years ago.

I did that once, though I guess it wasn't really a nightmare--I had fallen asleep during a math class once and dreamed about being one of a group of kids that were part of this space mission to Mars. I liked the idea that I took steps to convert it into a proper story not long thereafter. Never saw the public light that tale, though.

9502094 The only one that truly terrified me took place when I was a child and still petrified of spiders.

I dreamed that the world had been invaded by tortoise-sized spiders that couldn't be killed. They were EVERYWHERE. At one point I was trying to kill one with an axe... and the axe-head shattered on it. So I jumped in a car to drive away, but of course I couldn't see over the dashboard so I crashed pretty quickly into a telephone pole. And the spiders were all there waiting.

I woke up with a shout, then sighed in relief that it was a dream... then rolled over and saw one of the spiders sitting on my pillow (one of the only dream-within-a-dream moments I've ever had).

I then proceeded to jump straight up, hit the ceiling (bunk beds) and fall off the bed, knocking over a table and dresser in the process. Which of course broke the light bulb... meaning I couldn't even have light as I desperately looked for the giant spider.

Suffice to say, I didn't get to sleep after that.

This article is so great that I want to translate,can I ?:pinkiehappy:

Out of curiosity, what language?

If you want to learn more about me, I have some similar translations ,such as https://fimtale.com/t/3031 from the original
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/406188/ocellus-some-beer-wont-you .

All right, go ahead. When you're finished and got it posted, I'll add a link to it to the story's description. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for your permission! Please wait slowly.:pinkiehappy:

Nice little fic ya got there, bud! Made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Have an updoot, on the House

I love this story! Smolder was far and away my favorite character from season 8, and I am so thrilled to see writers adding more complex layers to her characters! Smolder's nightmare reminded me of season 1, episode 1 of The Twilight Zone, in which a prospective astronaut experiences a hallucination in which he is all alone in a city. Everyone he goes, he can find evidence that people were just there a moment ago – a cigar that's still smoldering, a movie that's still playing in the theater, a payphone that starts ringing – but no matter what, he can't find anyone. It is psychologically disturbing, and I fully empathize with Smolder in this story. I would be sobbing my eyes out into Gallus's shoulder right there with her.

aw, this was sweet! i'm glad this isn't explicitly shippy. i like being able to think about it and roll it around in my head and see it from different points of view- BROTP? OTP? it can be whatever you want!
there's real affection and chemistry there, written wonderfully, and yet it's still held back enough to be considered platonic. i love it.

Eh I like Silverstream X Gallus better. Nice story overall

I like solversrram X Gallus better

Very good story. Fits with smolder a bunch. Afton high school is when you make friends, but then it all ends when you graduate

But that’s the worst ship ever! I honestly think it’s just because Gallus helped Silver in What lies beneath and cause they look similar.

Good story, and I very much ship Smollus

Hey it’s 100 times percent better than sparity bleh

Smolder forgets: Dragons don't live in true solitude. They spend a lot of time on their own, but even the big ones go on migration together, and her brother has an entire gang following him around. And, well, she's one of the least dragon-ish dragons out of all we've seen, repeatedly going against what she claims dragons should be.

That’s something I’ve always known while growing up, looking forward to it even, that one day I’ll be an adult out with a horde of my own, living a life of solitude!”

That would be a "hoard", actually.

That is, of course, part of the point. Smolder isn't as alone as she thinks, and probably never will, nor is it wrong, or even that out of the ordinary, for even dragons to desire companionship.

I mean, how else would've her parents come along and had her in the first place, right? :rainbowlaugh:

Also, typo fixed! :twilightsmile:

Quite so. Though dragon reproduction is a field with A LOT of potentially strange questions, I feel. Just how tiny dragon eggs are compared to full-grown dragons. Do they lay one or two? Or a whole clutch at once? Or is it only the younger dragons who are fertile and the adult ones aren't anymore? Like, they breed when still vulnerable but stop when they're too big to be threatened by most things?

The reveal that Garble is her brother might also show some interesting things. He's obviously proud to be a savage dragon—in effect acting like a bully, something Smolder hates when she actually sees it happen, even if she doesn't make the connection between dragon culture and that kind of behaviour.

This is one of those special few stories that I like to come back and read every couple months or so. ^^

Well. I don't know what I was expecting, as I honestly have no recollection of opening this tab (I have about 90 tabs in 13 windows in 2 browsers right now) but this fic that, as far as I'm concerned, just kinda APPEARED in my browser, was DEFINITELY worth my time (as valuable as it is not). This is really well written and just all-around awesome!

(Still have no clue how this got here though)

I know that feeling. While I'm decidedly more conservative with how many tabs I have open at a time, there's still moments where I switch to a tab, stare at it, and think "now...why did I have this up again?" :rainbowlaugh:

Glad you liked the story regardless. :twilightsmile:

Well it's hard NOT to like something this good. If there isn't a sequel, there should be.

As someone who still ships Smollus, it counts to me. ;)

Awwww. This is so cute! It's always nice when we have a down-to-earth, wholesome, and genuine conversation between two characters who are emotionally guarded "tough guys."

I definitely ship Smollus, even though it's not a popular ship. Something about two tsunderes falling in love is adorable and very unique.

I actually didn't get romantic tones from this, just vulnerable and sensitive friendship.

ehh I'd ship it in this instance. It was a nice fic.

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