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*clever quip*

Questions You May Have:

Q: Can I use your comments/praise/etc. to display on my story/blog/etc.?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Since you don't write anymore, can I write a sequel or spin-off to your story?
A: Sure.

Q: What do your multiple bookshelves mean?
A: (Okay, maybe you don't have this question but whatever...)
My Good Reads are stories I find pretty good, but not the most spectacular stuff. Still some solid work.
My Great Reads are stories I really like and I urge you to read some of those over the Good Reads.
My Top 10 Reads are... my top 10 favorites. Read those this instant.

Q: Can I do a reading of your fics?
A: Yes.

Q: Are you leaving the website?
A: Probably not. Think of this as AO3, but here.

Latest Stories


Consider this account inactive from now on · 5:23am Nov 20th, 2020

I hate to disappoint, but it's the truth. Sorry if you followed hoping for a sequel, but that's never going to happen.

A few reasons I'm here (online or whatever you want to call it):

1. I'm the head of a group, and I'm too lazy to get the ball rolling on a replacement. (Ownership is being transferred.)
2. I'm basically using my page as an archive because I don't feel like going through the AO3 route. (This is mainly the reason why.)

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About Me

Hello and welcome to my (now inactive) page! Here are a few facts about me (if you want to know)

  • I jumped aboard the fandom train in 2015, just before the middle of the series.
  • My dream job would be voice acting, I'm trying to achieve that, but progress is slow. I also like to draw and I consider myself a novice, so I can't really draw covers for stories... yet. But seriously, don't ask me to draw.
  • When I'm not wasting my life doing this and other things, I'm wasting it watching baseball, which would explain why I'm so distracted from spring until late fall.
  • I'm an avid music fan and like to listen to pretty much anything. I'll always give something a good listen before judging it.

Favorite Characters


  1. Spike
  2. Applejack
  3. Starlight Glimmer

Favorites by group:

  • Mane Six (in order): Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash
  • Young Six (in order): Smolder, Silverstream, Gallus, Ocellus, Yona, Sandbar
  • Princesses (in order): Luna, Celestia, Twilight, Cadence, Flurry Heart (I guess she counts?)
  • CMC (in order): Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle

Divisive Opinions

  • I adored Starlight Glimmer. She's awesome and deserved any screen time she got.
  • Episode 200 was miles better than episode 100 in most aspects.
  • "Fame And Misfortune" was a great episode and the worst part about it was the "Flawless" song. Most people would say that I've got it backward.
  • Season 7 had the weakest finale and Season 6 had the strongest. Fight me.
  • The Pillars of Equestria had a far better legacy concealing a dark force for eternity in limbo rather than coming back in the modern era and doing modern-day jobs. They are all practically useless.
  • Spike was the best character on the show. Fight me again. I will die on this hill.
  • The Student Six were better than the Mane Six and deserved more screen time and respect.

That's pretty much it. Peace.

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I’m not usually that active anymore on this site but your story caught my eye. Good stories like that keep me on here. Thank you for writing a great one!

hehe *bows deeply* I'm honored you consider Erasure worthy to sit amongst your greater reads :twilightsmile: glad you enjoyed it! /)

Thanks for checking out It Happened One April Foal's Day!


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Thanks for the fave on A Tale of Two Dragons!

Thanks for shelving up This Magicked Moment! Keep sticking around, you won't wanna miss a moment of Vis.

Lemme know in the fic's comments just what drove you to it - after all, this Filly Armed and Operation Battlestation needs your help to reach full operational capacity.

Thanks! I honestly have done anything since last year so I feel a little bad that I don't have much to offer any newcomers. That being said, color me surprised that 100 people like my work. I'm flabbergasted lol.

Congrats on 100 followers.

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