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They not like us, they not like us, they not like us



Spike embraces his true inner dragon and goes around showing off his newfound knowledge. Unfortunately, his words aren't the most appropriate and he gets into a bit of trouble.
How the fuck will he get out of this one? Hang on to your fucking helmets, bitches!

Re-rated T for Strong Language

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This is a Sonic_RainbowDash2005 fic done right.

Good job.

Thanks! It was something way different than what I've done before lol

Now that you mention it. That does sound like one of his fics. Hope it's not a train wreck! :rainbowlaugh:

Trust me it's not.

His fics are so bad that they're actually good. (I'm convinced he's a super intelligent troll.)

I was about to ask if it was bad that I unironically like them? Lol

Oh look! A vending machine. And there's one f*** left.

That is insanely accurate. How in the fuck have I not seen that one?

I'm shocked this doesn't have a down vote yet.


9553375 Give it some time. Someone will do that eventually. I've been on the receiving end of it. As for the author, I have yet to read it but I'm tempted to do so.

You should pull the trigger on reading it, if for laughs.

I welcome that downvote with loving arms. No fucks given. lol :rainbowwild:

Anything is feedback for me.

9553388 I don't place dislikes. One of the reasons is because I believe any story can imporve(even if I dont like it, I don't judge based on that). The other reason is because I go by the moral treat others the way you want to be treated. If you're nice to others, they'll(most of the time) be nice to you.

9553392 The funny part is, I can totally see that in a humorous way.

That's a good mentality. Spread positivity and give criticism. That's how I like to review. Good on you!

Wonder what else did Spike and Smolder did together?

My thoughts exactly.

I'm sorry but destroying someone else's property over something as petty as swearing should not be something forgiven and forgotten so quickly. This kind of overreaction is what causes kids to vilify their parents rather than actually learn anything.

I see your point. She could have done something different, but I felt like she had to do something drastic in order for him to stop swearing. It was a bit excessive, but this story is all about taking things to the extreme.

Thank you for your criticism! It's nice to see the other side once in a while!

26 likes and 0 dislikes...

I'm impressed.

Color me surprised.

Yeah, this was some fun shit to read! Good job!:moustache::facehoof:

Thanks! This was way different than my other stuff so I'm glad people like it!

I can understand that. You took the the smartest approach by having the source of the conflict being a difference in culture. That would justify Twilight having such an extreme reaction. I just found the exact reaction to be crossing a line.

That's a good way to put it. :twilightsheepish:

Welp, I did not see the ending coming. But still, if this doesn't somehow get featured, I'm gonna be disappointed. I'll place a like to help make that happen.

I apologize for not being able to find anything to criticize though. The one thing I could've criticized was already said and even then, this wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

Yeah, being featured would be nice. I'd be very surprised if this did, but I'm not expecting it. The day I get featured is the same day hell freezes over :rainbowlaugh: Thank you for helping out though!

I fucking love this

Thanks! WAY different than my other stories so I'm glad it took off.

that was great for a laugh though I see no issue with cursing, never understood what was so bad about it, getting upset that someone used one just seems so pointless to me

they are words and I will use them, sure there are the few you have to take seriously and not use but things like Fuck, Shit and so on are just words

True. Words are words. I agree.
To me, it's just a sudden culture clash between two different species. Plus, it's a little more shocking considering that he's a child too.

And here I was hoping it was because of a tuth potion, or at least end him going around saying "I'm sorry I expressed my feelings and told the truth, it will never happen again." but for what it was, I don't regret reading it

I had thought about doing the apologizing ending, but I ultimately scrapped it in favor of this humorous one. Twilight's frustration ended up making her do the very thing she reprimanded Spike for doing.
Thanks for your input! It's nice to see another perspective on how things could have started or ended!

Give him a neck brace and a blue frosted flakes T-shirt and he'll be ready for the world

Spike stifled a chuckle but fell to the ground hysterically laughing as the final fuck sent him over the edge.

Funny story, read the sequel and then led back to this! :derpyderp2:

Funnier story? This one I read right here :rainbowlaugh:

Though poor Spike...

Thank you! This was really fun to write!

Fun to read as well!

Looking forward to part 3!

What the FUCK did I just read?

Still less profanity than your average college campus...:scootangel:

Ain't that the truth. I heard more profanity wandering the halls of high school than what this story had. Probably even earlier than that too.

The fuck did I just read?

Twas most excellent. :rainbowlaugh:

The mayor vowed to take down this rude citizen once and for all, but this demon was surprisingly agile. Every time that she dove to catch him and pin him down, he would somehow slip away, letting out another obscene quip after every miss. She just couldn’t seem to catch him, as he continually ran around benches, jumped over stands and even went back to her podium, evading security, much to her annoyance.


Thank you! Glad you liked it! Wrote it on a whim one day and it took off!

Someone’s got a potty mouth. Too bad Captain America wasn’t there to educate him on his language :trollestia:, all in all though, I enjoyed this a whole lot, haha.

This was fucking stupid. :rainbowlaugh:


Yup. Pretty stupid. :rainbowlaugh: Wrote this in an hour too lol

Thank you! Appreciated!

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