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"I'm significant!" screamed the dust speck slowly spinning on the bigger dust speck which was floating solemnly inside an even larger dust speck.


Possible Interview / Maybe You? · 6:42pm July 22nd

Hey everyone. Keep an eye out for my interview with Nailah. Might happen soon, still unsure. But that's not all! If you want to be interviewed (and haven't been already) Nailah is looking for some more people to do so with!

I haven't done any shoutouts like this, but Nailah is a really awesome author and creative interviewer. Recommend you check those things out!

Drop by this blog if you want to!



Truth · 12:44am July 5th

I'll be honest. The reason that I've been lackluster on here is because I have a fee other interests that have been taking up all of my time. For example:

1. I stream.
2. I speedrun.
3. I stream speedruns.
4. I watch other speedrunners and streamers.
5. I read your fics, which are infinitely better than mine.
6. I have a social life. I have a group of friends that I hang out with every Tuesday. Good times.

And all of these entertain me more than writing, sad to say.

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MLP Dream #1 · 5:39pm June 13th

I dream a lot. Like, way too much. I have a notebook that contains every notable dream that I've had since I could remember my dream, so maybe since I was 8. I'm almost up to 400 now. I can recall about 90% of them if I read the title or caption I gave it the day I woke up.

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I've honestly had it... · 5:17pm May 2nd

There are some people out there now who just suck the fun out of what made this community awesome. The gatekeeping, the overly negative comments (not on this site, at least to me), and overall visceral hatred for anything that isn't G4. I have no problem with people not liking the transitional series or G5, but come on, wait until it's released. I urge you. Don't fall into the old cycle back in 2010.

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15.ai · 12:46am April 4th

I'm having way too much fun with this website. That's all.

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That was new... · 12:12am April 1st

So, we just had an earthquake.

Not used to those where I live. Very weird.

Nothing bad where I am, but whoa... I've never been in one before.

Still waiting to see what magnitude it was so I don't know yet.

Update: 6.5 magnitude at the epicenter. Damn.


I've Delved Into The Comics (The "Neigh Anything" Arc) · 12:26am February 28th

My curiosity got the better of me so I decided to peruse through some of the MLP comics. I've been reading and making comics since about the same time I was making stories so... who knows? These could be entertaining. I had loaded up that mix I always find myself listening to and it got to FritzyBeat's: "Neigh Anything" which, upon research, I only now realized was based on the comic issues #11 and #12 of the same name. I thought to myself: "I like comics. Let's give a shot."

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A Question That's Been Bothering Me · 11:16pm February 16th

When did this genderbent stuff have some sort of agreement? It seems to have been something before I joined. Looks to be some time in 2012.

Dusk Shine, Rainbow Blitz, etc. I have no problem with it, but it seems strange how quickly agreed those names and designs were.

How did the fandom go: "Yep, those are perfect", and NO ONE seems to have fought for any other name?

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Something To Read? · 12:11am February 10th

If you like cute stuff, bad ships, or both, then maybe my new/old story will intrigue you.


Getting Out Of A Funk · 8:06am February 9th

I've been tinkering with my old work, specifically, the stuff I cancelled a while ago. Specifically, Tales Of A Pessimist Pony. I've actually been working on chapter 10. The chapter I had been stuck on for about a year. I'm making progress on it.

You may ask yourself: Why? Why is he toiling around with his old work? Why bother if it's cancelled?

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