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"I'm significant!" screamed the dust speck slowly spinning on the bigger dust speck which was floating solemnly inside an even larger dust speck.

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After the search for Silverstream goes terribly awry, Trixie and Mudbriar find themselves lost inside the Everfree Forest. They decide the best course of action is to wait for Starlight and Maud to come find them, however long that may be. This is the story of their survival.

This story is based loosely off the events of the Season 9 episode: "Student Counsel" and also was part of a collaboration that is no longer available. The goal was to pick an awful ship and to make it cute.

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Mayor Mare works hard. Every day. Nonstop. But after a rancid stench in her office causes her to evacuate city hall, she's forced to have a day to herself. How will she fare in a such a non-bureaucratic atmosphere?

This will be a short chapter series about Mayor Mare trying not to work for a whole day. Hope you enjoy!

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Spike, a notably boring dragon, travels to the cottage and unknowingly meets up with an old friend on a battleground. The two bond over playing gods over their respective towns. Together, they will become stronger and more powerful than ever before, as long as no one uses any cheat codes.

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Confused and alone, Zenith suddenly awakens in this land full of color, ponies, and friendship. Soon enough, he realizes he has become one of these brightly colored equines. For most fans, this would be a dream come true, but his cynicism assures him that this will be a nightmare. How will he fare in his time in Equestria? Will he make any friends or stay solitary?

(Real talk, don't take this story too seriously as a self-insert. It's usually updated whenever I'm stuck on another project.)

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