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They not like us, they not like us, they not like us


Spike, a notably boring dragon, travels to the cottage and unknowingly meets up with an old friend on a battleground. The two bond over playing gods over their respective towns. Together, they will become stronger and more powerful than ever before, as long as no one uses any cheat codes.

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I like the Malians. I like infantry, while retaining cavalry options :)

Good choice. :)

Personally, I'm trying to get more well-rounded with all tribes.
I recently played the Mayans for the first time against the AI and did ok.
I'm more of an archer person, having arcs of arrows is so satisfying to fight with. But I can function with most tribes at the moment.
I'm slow to age up, but I can only get better with practice, right?

Have a nice day! :raritywink:

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