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Behold to all, I am the ruler of Equestria! Reality is an illusion, Celestia and Luna are holograms, and I'm the true ruler. BYE!

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Naturus: Revived · 9:28pm January 15th


Real Name: Nathaniel Russ Williams
Alias: Naturus (current name)
Gender: Male
Date born: December 24, 1975 AD
Species: Genetically transformed human
Occupation: God
Sexuality: Straight
Possible Voice Actor(s): Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Shangri-Llama), John Cleese (King Harold), Bill Hader (Leonard/King Mudbeard)

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I have a question for you; If humans are transformed into ponies when entering Equestria, would Bowser be transformed into a dragon..?

Any updates on Twilight the Anthro

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Yeah, especially when the Tree of Harmony is the foe. The Mane Six may try to protect the Princesses from being permanently fused/absorbed, but Naturus is able to fuse/absorb either one of them instantly even if they are billions of light years apart, but only one at a time.

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