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Behold to all, I am the ruler of Equestria! Reality is an illusion, Celestia and Luna are holograms, and I'm the true ruler. BYE!

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Upcoming Composite Story Preview · 9:15pm April 27th

Arceus brought the Pokemon to Equis to live in peace and harmony after being imprisoned for over 5,000 years, along with a few select former humans. But unfortunately, Equis is not what it seems at first glance. What Arceus did not know was that the history this brand new world of his was in fact, not what his first thoughts aimed to think it was. The history will reveal itself with four main signs.

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Comment posted by Herrzog deleted July 23rd

Yeah, especially when the Tree of Harmony is the foe. The Mane Six may try to protect the Princesses from being permanently fused/absorbed, but Naturus is able to fuse/absorb either one of them instantly even if they are billions of light years apart, but only one at a time.

I don’t know. They’d most likely panic.

Wonder how the ponies of Equestria would think of this new Naturus and his ability to with either Celestia or Luna at will and his goal to absorb them both permanently?

I for one think your OC is pretty cool. Don’t listen to what those rude good for nothing critics have to say.

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