It all started on a normal day on a normal schedule. I was your ordinary man, and I bought this weird book from a merchant, brang it back home and opened it, and it sucked me out of Earth and into this place inhabited by mutant horses called 'Equestria'.

Oh, and didn't I forget to mention I'm Dry Bowser now? You know, Bowser's skeletal counterpart that slowly became his own character? That guy. The book was about displacement, and I am most definitely one of those things.

Hope the walking, talking, dragon-turtle skeleton won't scare anyone? Oh wait, it will.

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huh. a new displaced. wonder how this will end.

Congrats for being the first one to comment.

Well I know I won't be the last.

Of all the characters you could have chosen.... you picked the the one I never expected to see ever in my life come into Equestria. Like what the hek.... I’m just confused most of all that not only would you not choose Normal Bowser which is an oddball in his own right but DRY Bowser the villain that everyone forgets about until they see and go “oh cool it’s Dry bowser. Now keep in mind I’m not trying to be mean or anything about your specific character choice, I’m just baffled at it. If anything I encourage you too keep writing this story to its completion . I’ll be honest I never wanted this fanfic to exist but in my heart I knew that I needed this story to exist. Also I enjoyed the first chapter/prologue so keep up the good work can’t wait to see what you write!

I feel sorry for this guy. I mean being undead is never fun. You can't die, you can't feel anything, you can't eat anything.


It's a waste of a dislike if you ask me when there are things far worse than the Displaced. For example: Foalcon, scat, stomping fetish, overpowered mary-sues that are instantly liked by all, characters that have no flaws nor have experienced conflict, forced lesbian romance that makes no sense, sonic x rainbow dash stories, etc.

The simple solution is to downvote all that

...and also displaced.

Regardless of how it is written?

Sure, why not?
If a person dislikes something, are they not within their right to express their opinion given the means to do so?

They do have the right to express their opinion, but sometimes it's more like they're annoyed or they hate it because of the story's theme rather than judging it by the plot or future chapters.

True, it's shallow; but even if something is well written, a theme you don't enjoy can make a story not enjoyable.


Seriously, if you hate these stories then STOP READING THEM CHRIST!

The 'don't like don't read' quote doesn't work.

:moustache:meh, still worth a shot.

Unfortunate but true. Also, tracking this story.

Chapter two's up.

Did Dry Bowser really slowly become his own character?

Kinda. He is a separate being in the Mario Party and Mario Kart series.

I think it's been stated somewhere that Canonwise he's either Bowser's uncle or cousin when he's not Bowser reanimated like seen in his first appearances. Like 2 separate versions of him if you will.

What do you think of where I put him and why?

I think it's interesting because it's a nice change of pace from Princesses meet him her thinks evil shoot first ask questions 1000 years later kind of BS that happens a lot in Displaced stories. I get the whole wary of strange creature thing but they need to tone it down lest they create the enemy.
Should be interesting to see how their parents handle Dry Bowser and what comes of it.

Well, what do you suppose next?

My guess is, when they meet him, don't be stupid and immediately attack first. Talk things out . As for next, I guess explore the forest and town he's in after getting his bearings together.

So Dry Bowser's effecting the timeline inadvertedly, what will change next?

Anyway, I switched paces and looked at a stray tree,


I walked right into the nearby river as submerged in it.


I saw a sea green earth pony mane with a blue mane


before dropping her as pulling out my book as she ran down to the village


but, you still have the baby to look after.

Unnecessary comma.

The cart's diver would probably be dead

Not sure if it is supposed to be diver or driver.

But just because it mainly consisted of one item does not mean there were other things in the mix

‘‘were no other items’’ ?

I'm more of a scavenger, taking lying in my grasp.

Taking what lying in his grasp?

Timeline changes
Me: "Stop blowing holes in my bloody ship!"
Dry Bowser: "Did somebody say something?"

all the fine tastes of all the food I once savored and love.


Before you can say bananas, the voice of the conductor spoke.


I dunnow


As I kept on walking, I heard a loud roar come in from me, and I turned around to see a dragon walking towards my direction

‘‘come (in) from behind me’’

Gen 5, it's a waste of time

Excuse me, but what Gen 5? We're still on Gen 4.

This is in the future, around the 2020s.

So why did you make like gen 5 will be awful? Because i am looking forward to it

You have peaked my interest have alike

Interesting choice in character.

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