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I'm just listed Spike and Smolder as an example. With Applejack and Amber you could obviously just write it as Spike pinning them during a wrestling match or something. Moondancer has alot of potential especially since she was mentioned in the very first episode with Spike having mentioned that he was going to give her a present that day as it was Moondancer's birthday. Honestly, Spike has the most shipping potential out of all of the MLP characters because of how well he gets along with people.


I mean I would love to see Spike in a relationship with both Smolder and Ocellus,

Seriously why is that one so strong. I'm sorry, but the two fics with SPikeXSmolder is the furthest I'm going as frankly I don't know much to do with them. SpikeXEmber, Applejack, Moondancer, sure I could give any of those a try. SpikeXEmber can be plenty comedic, Applejack got some strength kinks and Trenderhoof baggage I could tackle with Spike. Heck, Moondancer could very well have been the Rarity is Spike's eyes before Rarity so there is plenty of stories I could pull from those three.

Just not Smolder/OcellusXSpike. I do have an OcellusXSpike on the list, but that's purely to check it off my list. Go ahead and follow me if you want. Most of my list is Spike-related ships since he is my favorite. SpikeXDash, SpikeXCherry, SpikeXDerpy, SpikeXGabby, and so much more planned. Heck, while "Where is Everypony" isn't a clop, it will have some light SpikeXSunset shipping in the latter half.

I mean I would love to see Spike in a relationship with both Smolder and Ocellus, Ember and Applejack, any of the mares from the Crystal Empire, or hell maybe even Moondancer. I'm not really picky when it comes to Spike-shipping as long as the partner is female. Hell I would be okay with a sapient female deathclaw from Fallout franchise (this was a thing in the Fallout Universe it's just that there's only a single member of that strain alife today).

Awesome that you enjoyed Dragon Bio Class. I have another Spike fic coming in two weeks. If there are any other ships you want to see more, don't hesitate to ask.

  • Viewing 66 - 70 of 70
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