Spike's division of Equestria's military 40 members · 24 stories

this is a group for those who are dedicated to Spike
will accept anyone
we will also support any new writer and help out others who have a Spike related fic in the works

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362335 no. one sec and I'll send it to you.

362334 is it the one that zapped me?

362333 it's just one of them.

362329 woah... Never woulda guessed your OC looked like that.

Is it just me, or am I one of the few dragons in this army?

359718 fan fiction, and sweetie's diologe being life less .

359675 I am just wondering how the whole sweetiebot started

359684 alright for now though , you will be Pyriel's second in command for this op until I can create a marine division, dismissed chief!

359683 Spartans specially trained units for all types of military professions but with my the case that the UNSC is a marine core I'll take that.

359682 welcome to the division
what branch do you prefer?
army/marine,airforce, or navy?

Spartan 234 reporting for an alliance with the UNSC.

can anyone explain sweetiebot to me

how the rest of the division?

359501 I will send a report to you soon lieutenant

359493 I learned something very important sir. I don't know how to train troops.

359132 how far is your troops in training and what equipment do you need?

359427 alright I'll have you command the 6th tactical fighter wing and the naval task force 1.
I will send you an message showing what each group is made of.

  • Viewing 25 - 44 of 44
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