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Our good pal Spike participates in the whacky shenanigans of the Cutie-Mark Crusaders. Whether as an official member or just a helping friend, Ponyville's finest dragon really needs to hang out with ponies his own age more often.

I noticed that Spike has very separate episodes from the rest of the cast, just as each of the Crusaders do. But they also all hang out sometimes! Whereas Spike merely cleans up and helps Twilight. Which, while fun, is kind of boring, wouldn't you agree?
He needs to get out more.
(I was going to name the group after the fourth Musketeer, given the parallels, but the name d'Spike didn't really convey the message of the group that well. So a pokemon reference will have to do.)

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SOMEONE GET MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This group is simply splendid!

I have to agree with you on that. While Spike's age is more or less up in the air if he's within range of the CMC than he should hang out with them and others his age.

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