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Just another brony from another country (Yes, that means I have difficulty writing stories in english). Also a Spikebloom lover <3

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Covid update: Thursday, February 3rd · 4:51am Feb 4th, 2022

Right after I posted the previous update my temperature went straight from 36 to 38, also now I had full blown headaches and my entire body started to feel like it was made of glass. My mom is not as bad as she was yesterday but she still coughs and sneezes violently. Overall, my dad seems to be the one who is getting better; he has stopped sneezing and he doesn't cough very often, although he still feels weak from time to time.

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Ok, good luck.

Once The Enchantress teleported them to the forest, Button and Sweetie saw Belle was about to take her father to the village when they came up to her. After introducing themselves, they told Belle about what Gaston was doing. When Belle looked in the mirror, she saw that they were right; she was not pleased with what Gaston was doing, so she decided not to return to the village. So Sweetie Belle advised Belle to return to the Castle. And so, Belle went back to the Castle with Philippe and her father, while Button and Sweetie Belle went along with them.

Yeah, just trying to get on top of that and study for an upcoming exam to enter University.

Hi, have you accepted my request story?.

Ok. After that, I won't ask you for a request.

I didn't get crap. Sucks to live like me.

And about the request, well...

Just one more. After that, I can't really accept more requests from you... That's three and I still can't write anything that's mine.

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