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You Guys Want Another Story Out of Me? · 11:44pm Jan 10th, 2023

This is just me asking, but who knows. I may just stop everything I'm doing and fulfill it. I'm random like that.

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It gets like that, especially on the range when you see your cleaning pay off. Just make sure it's properly lubed with gun oil or something so it doesn't become inaccurate when shooting or failure-to-feed.

Right now I got a Daniel Defense DDM4 6.8 Creedmore and a Springfield Armory Saint Victor .308 WIN in mind within a couple months. Or I may just get a Savage Arms Bolt-action rifle that carries .308 WIN. One or more of these things will be bought and played with.

Love the internal workings of firearms and the art of upkeeping them too. I'm mire of an enthusiast of ancient and antique firearms, so I'm about acquiring, replicating, and demonstrating those. A bit of A handyman by Crystal Heart, so I enjoy admiring My work and doing something to bring both My self and others Happiness, - even if only by having some fun and getting adrenaline rushing.

I respect that big time. I'm more on the lines of working in marksmanship and tactics. Never went to the Marine Corps like I wanted a few years ago, but I'm thinking about taking one of those types of classes in Texas when I get the chance.

Firearms are indeed therapeutic and addicting at the same time. Love shooting ranges and back-yard target-shooting. I'd like to get into clay-shooting, too; Skeets, clay-discs, - all that.

Ahh, ok! Gotcha. You can write a story about her, if you're still interested :)

What do you want to know about her?

  • Viewing 76 - 80 of 80
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