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Alcohol and Tobacco? Lol just give me those Firearms, bro.


You Guys Want Another Story Out of Me? · 11:44pm January 10th

This is just me asking, but who knows. I may just stop everything I'm doing and fulfill it. I'm random like that.

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Ahh, ok! Gotcha. You can write a story about her, if you're still interested :)

What do you want to know about her?


Completely forgot, but found it. I want to make a story about your character Ashley and need some information about this character. I was very intrigued by the style of her in suggestive content that it drew inspiration out of me. I wrote, but stopped because of that.

Eyyy! I came across your Spike/Twilight fic randomly, and then I read the end and I'm like wait... I know this username...

Then I checked on DA, and saw you asked me if you could ask me a couple questions.

Was wondering what those questions were? 😄

Lol, eenope. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm taken. 🙃

Look, if you're trying to hit on me, I get it. I'm one handsome stud-muffin-beat-cake of a fox. But, there is something about commitment that tells me I won't last for 3 weeks and my life will go down the toilet from there.

  • Viewing 72 - 76 of 76
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