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Senpai (Noun, [JPA] 先輩 (sen-PIE), approx. “upperclassman”): A respected upperclassman, senior, master or mentor, who does not necessarily hold assigned leadership position but is looked to for direction and guidance.

Kohai (Noun, [JPA] 後輩 (koh-HAI), approx. “younger student”): Has no easy translation to English. The respected followers or less experienced members of a group under one or more senpai, although the relationship does not need to be direct or formal in any way. All that separates a senpai from a kohai is experience and flow of knowledge, they are equally respectful.

Welcome to the Senpai Network!

While some groups focus on more structured instruction, or informal ask-answer threads, this is a group intended to help people really learn new things in a useful, practical way or share what they have learned, growing themselves in the process. We don’t have sticks up our butts, and the intent is to help each other grow in our chosen fields, together.

Writing, art… hell, dating advice! So long as it stays safe-for-work and respectful, you can talk about it here. We also have no objection to the odd contest thread, and you can promote any collaboration or project that was improved through the Senpai Network here to credit your mentors and students!

It is recommended to have a Discord account. The live chat/shitpost/NSFW area is over there, and it makes it easier to talk.

So you want to learn? Pick a subject, preferably a specific issue you are having trouble with right now, and post something in the forums starting with “Help with... ” and the best description of what’s wrong you can give. A senpai with experience in the area will hopefully reply, and coach you through to the solution until you’re both satisfied. Just bear in mind, by posting, you are opening yourself up to critique, and you might not like the answers but just know it’s your senpai’s honor at stake to help make it right!

So you want to help? Scan the forums. Find a kohai in need of your expertise. Reply that you’ll adopt him in the thread, and follow up to see what you can do. Work with them, really get in-depth and help them not only improve what they have, but how they do it so they master it! Above all, though, be respectful. You were in their shoes once, and you need to be the kind of help that you wish you had. You’re not doing it for them, you’re not a master to be obeyed, you’re a student helping an equal-if-in-need student get better.

So are you ready? Get started! Read the formal rules here, and introduce yourself here!

Don’t… don’t bother with the comments on this page…. Nopony reads them.

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Oh, so nice, sempai~!

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