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If you like MLP and you like basketball, you've come to the right place!

Mainly this group is for discussing MLP and basketball combined, and maybe give some inspiration for stories.

I'm always up for some basketball talk, and hoops-related conversations are preferred!

Have fun and enjoy some stories!

--RIP Kobe & Gianna--

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GreekFreak fan has been made an admin for being the only other Bucks fan on this site. Glad I'm not alone there.

Welcoming Argonaut44 to the group!

Any UVA Cavs fans here?

Aman22857 is an admin now cause he got mad basketball knowledge, pls invite more people dude

Yeah, he’s a free agent. Sucks that his career went downhill so fast.

no idea IT still played, wow

Ok, do the grizzlies give Isiah Thomas a shot while Ja is out?

What is going on with Toronto? I know that it’s the early seaosn but dang!

It's possible. 2021 looks pretty promising. Not sure about the economics, but society wise, I feel it'll be great.


They have a shot, a fairly good one. I just hope that we can get a full season in this year instead of having everything grind to a halt again.

You all think Villanova got a chance???

I can tell this group is primarily for NBA fans but are there any college ball fans here?

Anybody notice the lil "TTP" on the Sixers city jersey? It stands for Trust the Process😏

Would you guys be down for a Fantasy Basketball League?

you know i gotta agree wit dat🔥


Comment posted by Aman22857 deleted Dec 16th, 2020

Ok what if, there was a story about the Main 7 as the CHS bball team at state?

Or just all 7 at lunch just talking basketball

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