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This is the Church of Shy. We are an organisation dedicated to following the ways and teachings of Fluttershy, our Goddess and savior. Our main purpose is to bring this site's demigod, Knighty, the images of our Goddess he requires to continue his own holy work. Come forth brothers and sisters, and together we can bring the overlord of this site the holy imagery he desires! Together we forge a bright new future! Together, we are the Church of Shy!

Our Chapel

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I suppose that following the High Priest really would be the next best thing. :twilightsheepish:

Tried following/watching the leader of the church of shy?:rainbowkiss:

I mean metaphorically of course. Unless... you are telling me there is a way to actually follow my yellow goddess?

415829:rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh: How are you a devout follower? You aren't even following her

I'm the most devout follower of Fluttershy here.

Praise be unto her.

Here's the link to the rules I suggested regarding the pictures, two of them are from the high priest himself.

Quick, the church of shy needs pictures of fluttershy!

Praise our Godess!!!

As the general of the Peace Corp it is my sacred duty to support my commander,fluttershy and as so I have joined ALL HAIL FLUTTERSHY!*Does salute*

Fluttershy is best mane 6 pony

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