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Greetings, fellow Captains!

Welcome to the group of bronies who love to dominate the seas whether it be by the sheer firepower of battleships, the speedy torpedoes of destroyers, from the air with massive squadrons from carriers, or by a mixture of gunfire and torpedoes from cruisers.

On the high seas, we may be allies, charging in side by side, guns blazing, or we may be enemies, trying to send eachother to the bottom with torpedoes and/or shellfire. But here is a place where we can all sit down, reflect on memorable battles, share tactics, make new allies, and even share a few stories involving warships and ponies.

New members are encouraged to introduce themselves in the intro thread. Right here.

So again, welcome!

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So now that transformers has come to world of warships how long till hasbro hits with mlp

Again Is anyone ever going to post a story?

Hello, fellow Captains! I've always loved this since I started playing, and I found that I'm best at destroyers, probably because of their speed and torpedoes.

I do have a profound respect for battleships, though, as it did take eight torpedo hits plus gunfire and a dive bomb or two to sink me once... I was in the Wyoming.

just got the Friedrich Der Grobe and that is one mean ship

Is anyone ever going to post a story?

Woot! Researched Bismarck today! After selling Gneisenau, I am but 4 million credits away from owning her.

If your a tirpitz scharn or a gneisennau yeah, but if your anything else they are the absolute epitome of hell XD

Lesson #1: If you play Battleship, torpedoes are your best friend.

Sup Yall! Just realised there was a group for this. I've been following the game since it was announced, even applied to be a Beta Tester, but never got accepted. Look for Loco_lucas on the high seas!

Oh yes. Hello my fellow captains. Battleships, remember to look out for torpedoes!

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