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I found pinky's counterpart . goddess of fun · 2:07pm Saturday

I found pinky's counterpart
goddess of fun

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:twilightblush: sorry for delaying in answering you 2836653
and okay I understand, :applecry: writing story is not easy especially when it is not in our area of experience.
and thanks for answering :twilightsmile:

Ah, it didn't happen in a book as it was a process that went over the course of years up to the point as she's basiclly been in therapy most of her life so it was a slow process from the end of SoM to that point I sadly haven't figured out a way to convey very well in a book.

Hello. How is it going? 2778358

I wanted to ask of The Soldier and Hope

, I read the first chapters again and I wanted to know why Twi's personality is different. as if she found a valance.

and if I missed it in one of the last past books where it happens

since I have everything in my collection

I'm glad you enjoy it. I've been wanting to go back and fix some grammar (I finally have a better grasp on comma usage) but am concentrating on another of my stories. If you like it, that's great for now.


I read Princess Essenta up to chapter 4 and I have to admit that it will be very good. when the king's plan explodes in his face

  • Viewing 166 - 170 of 170
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