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This group is a general fanclub for Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Here is discussion for just about anything SvtFoE related, whether it be crossovers, show discussion, headcanons, etc.


Keep in mind that all rules are subject to change and more may be added if a need arises.

1. On-topic threads must be about either SvtFoE or MLP: FiM. Off-topic threads will not be tolerated and locked, there are other places for that. - 1 Infraction Point

2. Do not directly insult other users - insult their ideas as much as you wish but do not directly deprecate their value as a human being. If they choose to be thrown under the bus with their idea that they so tightly latch onto, then so be it. - 2 Infraction Points

3. Troll threads, no matter how hilarious or well-executed, will be locked. As it is rather difficult to draw the line or tell whether somebody is serious or not, admins may call a vote for readers of the thread, and majority votes will win. Keep in mind that such a process is not required or even applicable at this point. 2 Infraction Points

Violate any of the above rules enough to receive 5 infraction points and get banned. Individual infraction points will expire in 2 weeks. So if you had 4 infraction points, then in 2 weeks you would have 3, and in 8 weeks you'd have none.

Happy posting!

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