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By the Gods above and below, what the heck happened? · 11:35pm Apr 11th, 2021

I leave for a few years due to personal reasons, and come back to find almost every author on this site I once read is gone, or is no longer updating. What in the name of the gods occured?

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List of things I want to do, or already do here

What I do here already:

I edit stuff.
I comment a lot.
I act crazy.

What I want to do here:

Write a Story.
Collab (I think thats how to say it) With another writer to make a story with mine, and their characters.
Figure out how Pinkie Pie works He'll never figure it out!

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Thanks for the favorite!

Thanks for having added my more.. Hmm, let's say mature romance story, The Return of Anon, to your favorites. I'll hope you you keep enjoying it. :heart::rainbowkiss:

Thank you for having added Welcome Home Soldier to your favorites. I'm really grateful for that, hope you continue to enjoy it sugarcube. :ajsmug: :eeyup:

Thank you for Favoriting and liking Skeletor, Master of The Empire. I'm glad you've enjoyed the story so far.

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