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Why do I do the things I do? BECAUSE I CAN.

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Failed Arc · 4:27am July 2nd

I have decided to strike the current arc from the record. I'll leave it in a new story ill label as non-canon chapters or something.

It's gone way too far from my original vision and my usual style of writing for this story. On top of that, it's also left me in writer's block for the story as I can't really enjoy writing it.

Sorry for the bad chapters guys.

Report Tjtbomb · 322 views · Story: Certifiably Insane ·
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Thanks a ton for the fav on my Godzilla: King of the Monsters crossover! Hope you enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

Thanks, I try to keep a good flow when it comes to commas, and use proper grammar, but even rereading and editing I overlook a few mistakes, even my accent sometimes flows out even into my writing. :twilightsheepish: Anyway, lad you enjoyed the first chapter!

A wandering human story without a need to immediately explain how they got to Equestria is very rare. You pulled it off well.

As for criticism, toward the beginning, your grammar and use of commas got a bit choppy, but other than that, your writing was very good.

Thank you for adding The Peddler to your favorites! Think you could give me some insight on what you like about it so far?

  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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