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Normal is a lie, there is only average... And average is incredibly boring!

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Greetings! My name is Hunter Redflame, and I am the Author in this particular subset of creation. Feel free to stay for as long as you wish, Lord knows I could use some company! Although, I do have three simple rules to follow whilst here:

One: No sexually explicit content. I will not tolerate any form pornography or explicit imagery either here or on my story chains, nor shall I ever waste my talents writing such. And yes, skimpy pictures embbeded into comments count and WILL be removed as soon as I see them. (NOTE: I won't remove a comment just because the commentor has such a profile picture.)

Two: Civilized debates only. I will allow people to debate on issues in my comments chain here on the main page, but it is to remain civil and intelectual. Please use common comment courtesy when commenting on any of my stories and keep it either in the PM's or here.

Three: Be CrAyZ! The internet is a wild, mad place, and by all means I welcome it! The only thing I will not allow are pictures or wording violating rule One. But by all means, anything else is welcome!

Well, that about does it. I hope you all have a good day/night and I bid you all farwell!

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Fair enough, was worried that some unfair policing was underway, but it seems I'm just paranoid. XD

I did yeah, by the time I'd posted mine others had already brought up what I'd said. Didn't feel like leaving it up there.

Not very random question, but did you delete a comment on Twilight's Nightmare, or was that what's-its-face?

Thanks for adding Pokémon Red and Purple to your library!

I have thusfar, your story holds a great deal of promise!

Why would I not have them? XD

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