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Card game enthusiast, overambitious writer, Jeskai tempomancer, and general nerd of various kinds. Check out my works if you like adventure, card games, crossovers, or other random happenings.


Nerf'd! · 11:48pm Yesterday

Rarity’s card has been nerfed a bit, with the amount of life gained from her effect reduced to half the amount of life loss it causes, rounded up. This is mostly intended to make her less ridiculous in four-player commander games, but otherwise her intended design is entirely unchanged:

Rarity, Gem Weaver 1URB

Legendary Creature — Unicorn Vampire

UR, T: Target opponent gains control of target permanent you control.

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hello sir/madam i recently reviewed "Sorry For Killing You" you can find it here


Yup! The MLPlaneswalker series is still active, and will be for some time.

Do you still continue to write your MtG crossover-based stories?

I love that card. Especially when I cast it on 3rd turn

Making MtG crossover that involves a very strong and very old creature. The mighty STORMTIDE LEVIATHAN

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