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It's been five thousand years since the Summit of the Gods was last hosted in Equestria, and after dropping off Discord in Ponyville, Celestia returns to Canterlot Castle to meet with the entire Norse Pantheon. Before she can arrive, though, she's stopped by a guard with a strange message, sent on the behalf of a mysterious figure from her past.

Now available as an audiobook! Reading by Illya Leonov.

Now with a Russian translation!

Cover picture by Sonson-Sensei.

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In case you're unaware of the legend of Loki and Svadilfari, it goes as such.

There are two major groups in Norse mythology: the Aesir, and the Vanir. They had a big war once upon a time, but then grew tired of fighting and agreed on a truce. Asgard's walls were damaged in the war, and a 'builder' (actually an unnamed frost giant in disguise) appeared before Odin saying he could repair the walls if he received the Sun, the Moon, and Freya's hand in marriage as payment. Odin agreed to the terms, but only if the builder could do it in six months, which was an incredibly short time for the size of the city walls.

The builder had a horse named Svadilfari (Svadi) that could pull immense stones, and so he made amazing progress and actually started to repair the walls. With only one day before the deal's deadline and the builder looking like he was going to win, Loki appeared before the Aesir, and offered to solve the matter. Odin agreed. Loki then turned into a mare, and ran off with Svadilfari to 'distract' him all night. The frost giant flew into a rage when he saw Svadilfari run off, but didn't have time to do anything else, as his disguise fell off, and he was then subsequently obliterated by Thor, (the version I read said that he 'shattered his skull upon the rocks.')

Loki and Svadilfari returned the next day, but it was discovered that Loki was pregnant, and so she decided to have the foal. That foal was Sleipnir, and he was presented to Odin as a gift to be his faithful steed.

That's the original story. After reading this, my thought process then went as such.

-Shapeshifters are generally accepted as genderless in most sources of fiction. They might prefer one gender over the other, but can go either way, and from a psychological perspective, it's highly unlikely such an individual would define themselves as strictly male or female.
-Loki is well known in Norse mythology for 'getting around.' His children include Sleipnir the eight-legged horse, Jörmungandr the world serpent, and Fenrir the wolf. Discord could conceivably be the son of Loki due to similarities with chaos, mischief, and an amalgamation of animals.
-Svadilfari was a horse, which can easily be changed into 'pony.' What if the unnamed frost giant took him from Equestria and enslaved him somehow?
-Due to Loki being a shapeshifter with no preference to gender, what if s/he saw Svadilfari, fell in love, and nature took it's course?

The rest of the story fell into place from there. Sleipnir is born some time later, and becomes the steed of Odin. However, when he's tried to be given the Sun and Moon, he declares he doesn't want the responsibility, nor that he wants Freya as his wife. Instead, he'll have two children, and give the Sun and the Moon to each of them. Odin allows this, but only if those children were then pledged to the Aesir, so he decides to pledge them to Freya (Goddess of Seduction) and her twin brother Frey, (God of the Sun) therefore fullfiling the last part of the agreement. Sleipnir then later had two foals from two separate mothers, Celestia from Skinfaxi (shining mane) and Luna from Hrimfaxi (frost mane) and turned over their stewardship to them.

Makes sense, right? It does to me, at least.

Wow, the comment in itself was quite the interesting read!

Wonderful! I like it!

An interesting take on the origins of Celestia and Luna.

Very interesting indeed.

Now you just need to throw in Egyptian Mythos and we can re-enact Age of Mythology.:pinkiecrazy:

this is a great piece, making use of asguardian mythology and a bit of marvel... but i can never hear the name 'loki' and not think of 'The Mask'.

Which, combined as this scene is with ponies, made me think of a pic i saw of Pinkie pie about to put ON said mask. *Shudders*

I have so much trouble picturing Loki as gender-nonspecific after Thor & The Avengers :twilightoops:
Interesting weaving, and I lol'ed at Luna breaking the goblet

"This drink, I like it." ...
"I know!"

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: That right there was priceless.
Loki, was, an interesting pull off as a pony.
-A good explanation of your purpose

Wouldn't this make Celestia and Luna nieces to Fenrisulfr, Hel, Jormungandr, Vali and Narvi?

This is surprisingly good. In the tradition of Asgard, I proclaim my call!


2005904 someone mod Age of Mythology for equestrian please.

Why are the more popular religions so boring? Like seriously. The Bibles got some good shit, but Greeks and Norse got the MONOPOLY on good theisms. Loki, use any ability and guile to prevent the construction of the wall. Alright I got it... I'll get f:raritystarry:ed by a horse. if I'm gonna foil somebody's plot, I might as well get some myself AM I RIGHT?


You choose Discord, Celestia, or Luna as the main deities, and the Mane Six for the minor. Twi and Pinkie are the top tier. AJ and RD are the middle. Shy and Rare are the first to be picked.



Wow, that was awesome. I'd be begging for more of this if I didn't know it would pull you away from PoH.

2004677 Fascinating.

smoothly. Frey
was true that she

Extra spaces.


Reminded me of 1984's doublethink.

“There are no words.” Celestia’s eyes were shut as she willed her breakfast to stay put. “To describe how much I didn’t need to know that.”

I loved this line. Like a lot.

“This drink, I like it!”

He's not, is he?



You did a good thing here. I thank you.


Glad you enjoyed it. I've a bet going with one of my pre-readers to see whether or not it's going to get featured. I owe him five bucks if it does, but I honestly don't think it will.

I also submitted it to EqD, and I owe him ten bucks if it gets approved there, lol

All I can say as a Norse mythology enthusiast is that you have made one Hel of a crossover!!!!

Well, I'm working against you on that first bet... sorry?

Thought you might. Also, I've got a challenge in the Crossovers forum that's up your alley if you're interested. It involves a certain Prince of the Geats


It's not clop, and has no shock value, therefore it won't get featured.

Maybe this is a sign I should start catering to a different audience? I bet could write a pretty good kinky clopfic...

I don't know... My story got featured, and it's an expansion of Equestrian history. (I'm still shocked that it happened, especially considering the first two chapters.)


If I wasn't balls deep into writing one of the longer, more highly rated fics on the site I might consider it, but unfortunately I gotta stick with my bread and butter.

Thanks for the offer, though.

Fair enough. Just thought I'd mention it

2006551 I sincerely hope you loose ten dollars :raritywink:

I'm no writer, but I'm gonna tell you what I think anyway, because I didn't pick this pretentious sounding handle just to read pony words. You're asking a lot for readers to both love MLP AND love Norse Mythology. This just hamstrings your outside readership (cuts their tendons, you might say).

My knowledge of Norse Mythology comes from a little bit of wiki research after playing Age of Mythology, and admittedly a little bit more from the movie Thor. In other words, I recognize all of the names and have just a flicker of meaning into their characters. None of it adds anything to this story.

This story's strong point is not the crossover, but the character interaction. Celestia and Loki is gold, but everything else felt weak. I think that clearly identifying the Norse Pantheon weakens the story because readers automatically fill in context that YOU, the author, should fill.

I'm going to be a dick and compare to your other work. The Zodiac Knights in Powers of Harmony work not because "Zodiac is Awesome!", but because they weren't introduced as "Look at these awesome OC Zodiac Knights!" It was subtle. It was a mystery for readers to figure out. By the time you introduced them as the Zodiac Knights (or their Echoes, at least), I was ready for it.

I really wasn't ready for a giant Norse Crossover. The only people that are are people that really love both MLP AND Norse Mythology, and that is a much smaller population of readers than you deserve. Your work is great, and I'll say that writing clop will lead you well if you want readers to put their context and fantasy into your story. As a bonus, I won't read it and I won't leave my feedback on it. But I've seen you build something great, and I think you should use the techniques that make it work in some of your other works.

Premise reminds me a bit of Under the Northern Lights.

2006483 now that I think about it, I KNOW there's a civilization mod for MLP, so I have to get that game.

So I think you do a pretty good job of making a plausible way Equestria could fit into the Norse mythology and you give enough info I think for those with rudimentary knowledge of norse mythology to understand. Indeed, no knowledge of it is really necessary to understand the meat of the story (by which I mean what the story is really about once you strip away the fandom and references and leave it just the emotional and intellectual core of it). I very much enjoyed this. Good stuff.

Loved it. I always love stories that tie Equestra into an existing mythology or body of folklore, and this was a fantastically executed instance of such. Thank you for it.

In other words, you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.

I believe famely is the ones that cares for you even if blood ties you.Those you keep close is the ones that matter.

Oh wow.

Just, good chapter and good story.

Very enjoyable.

So are the rest of the Pantheon just normal human(?)-looking Norse Gods, and the only ponies/horses are Loki and the descendants of Svadilfari?

Well, CyborgSamurai, you owe your pre-reader $10. And you deserve to lose every cent of it for writing such a spectacular story and then betting against yourself.

I want to see more of this! That was funny, heart warming and AWESOME! Norse Mythology earns a fave from me!

I've always enjoyed the idea of Loki and always disliked it when he was made into a villian like in the movies. I mean his kids are awesome and he is literally mischief!:raritystarry:

As a fan of ancient mythology, this story was highly relevant to my interests. You've done a fine job tying together both Norse and Equestrian lore.

These passages, however, were probably what went the greatest distance in earning this story another fave:

Frey would be constantly critiquing her form and control of the Sun, his twin sister Freya would get Luna drunk and then they’d work together to seduce everyone that wasn’t a blood-relative, Thor would be destroying all the fine china and complaining about the lack of meat, Odin and Tyr would be constantly on her case to to allow more accommodations for the handicapped in Equestrian law, on and on and on.

"Give him an inch and he’ll take a watering can, and before you know it, the mariachi bands will be playing once more.”

Celestia paled. “I swear to you, I’ll destroy him myself before that damnable music ever befouls this realm again.”

The mental image of Freya and Luna's shenanigans was hilarious, and while it took me a moment of thought to "get" the joke involving Odin and Tyr, the realization was so worth it. Also, I'm not sure what's so wrong with giving Discord a watering can, but the fact that mariachi music is treated with such revulsion amuses me to no end.

This works. It's short, doesn't really go anywhere, but it's entertaining and the premise makes sense.

"I didn’t even know I could be impregnated by multiple creatures at once, though I suspect Freya was getting back at me for—”

Haha. Brísingamen wasn't the only necklace forged that night. Loki knows. :ajsmug:

Congrats on EQD. Suppose by your earlier blog you knew this was coming.

This is good... I demand more! *smashes goblet on the cobble*

Hehe, couldn't resist:pinkiehappy: But this is good, you should continue.

2004677 but doesn't this means that when Loki brings in Ragnarok, Celestia and Luna have to fight for Asgard anyway? since they do pledge themselves under Freya and Frey just to control the Sun and the Moon, and I doubt Freya and Frey would do nothing when the times comes. :pinkiesmile:.

Ragnarock may be on the horizon but what's worse is that family is already here today.


where in the world did that picture come from?

This isn't a crossover, remove the tag.
Norse gods making Equestria is obviously canon.

Nice fic, though.

2004677 I went along the lines that Discord and Loki were the more mild-tempered offspring of Sutekh/Set/Seth/Setekh/Suty (Hmmm... BLACK SUTY!! NMM came from him too! :pinkiegasp: ) the Destroyer (who was also one of the great Tom Baker-era Doctor Who one-shot villains. He was just so friggin' evil, and he totally got off on it.).

He was the god of darkness and chaos, also a usurper and traitor who killed and dismembered his brother Osiris, then possibly tried to molest Osiris' son Horus (HE WAS A PEDO TOO!! THIS GUY WAS FRIGGIN SUPER-SANDUSKY-LEVEL EVIL!!) :fluttershbad:

And then there's the fact that his physical form was likely an amalgum of different parts of creatures... A CHIMERA!!

Of course, there are also the older myths that have the Egyptian god of chaos and evil as Apophis/Apep, a giant snake. But that kinda doesn't work too well with Pony. There are only little snakes to scare Twilight in Pony.

Though, there are some later representations that describe Apep as a dragon... but that would make all the dragon evil. And then there would be fanfics where Spike is the son of Apophis and has his evil spirit inside him and make him grow really big and evil and eat all da ponies in the bloodiest and most brutal grimdark gore fic every conceived (cuz you know some fanfic writer would do it).

2073903 I have to agree on technical terms. This would be more in line with 'alternate universe', rather than a crossover, since it's not actually utilizing any published fiction or non-fiction story as part of its basis. Rather, it's utilizing a human religious mythos and tying it into Equestria as an alternate origin story.

It's no more a crossover than is the inclusion of monsters from Greco-Roman mythology.


Give him an inch and he’ll take a watering can, and before you know it, the mariachi bands will be playing once more.”
Celestia paled. “I swear to you, I’ll destroy him myself before that damnable music ever befouls this realm again.”

God my side were killing me after that.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Realizing a mariachi band is about to play is like being killed by hitmen. Right before it happens you scream *slowmo* ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh nnooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

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