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Pinkie Pie is visited by a strange customer whilst working at Sugarcube Corner. Hilarity ensues.

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As a sidenote, the story pre-dates the picture, but I have no idea whether the artist read this or not. Still! :pinkiehappy:

It didn't really need a second chapter added, but it was pretty funny.

Only Pinkie could make a cupcake so good that death itself loves them.


Well, I had some requests for it, and admittedly I felt like seeing what would happen if she had taken the offer. Essentially, they're both stand-alone works.

pink is the color of death

I must have more. Please, I must find out if any of the other main six will find out about pinkie's part-time job!:pinkiehappy: also, can there be a "Mort" reference (from fanfic "mort needs a vecation" on EQD). But seriously, I must know if twilight finds out and how she'll handle/rationalize it. :twilightoops:

This is about to get a lot more epic, isn't it?

This is actually the first chapter I read of this story. I read this story on some other site, I don't remember where, and apparently it gave me this chapter, not the first one. I didn't realize it was not the first chapter, so ended up very confused. Now that I read the chapters in the proper order, I like it much more. :pinkiehappy:

Is this story going to become a regular thing now? Because that would be awesome.

:pinkiehappy: Oh Pinkie, what have yo gotten yourself into this time. Whatever it is, can I at least have a piece of cake?

This is wonderful; it captures both sources' respective charms and builds on them without hurting them. Occasionally shaky sentence construction aside (and we're all prone to that), this is a wonderful fic with strong characters and a real heart to it. Five from me.

But then I am nice.

The writing style is uncannily similar to Terry Pratchett's, which is great since I'm a big fan of the Discworld novels. Keep up the good work, and I hope for more soon!:pinkiehappy:

Raise your hand if you read death's voice in the style from monty pythons the meaning of life. "oh dear how silly of me, I used canned salmon. I am just dreadfully embarrassed."

The non-conversation between Ms Cake and Mr Door was excellent. I am not entirely sure why precognition and the ability to speak to the dead should be linked, but I suppose it may be a Disc World thing.


The Discworld Mrs. Cake just coincidentally has both, I'm not sure there's any link between the two. Likewise, so does the Equestria Mrs. Cake. =D

Oh... Wow. That's it.

I am going to compliment the Heck out of you when I'm next on IRC Mijajima!

This chapter totally blew your other three out of the water. I literally laughed out loud through half of it. But the best bit was without a doubt Mrs. Cake.
Not only did you manage to capture the random wackiness and narrative of Terry Pratchett in such a perfect way, it was easily the most fun I've had so far!

And then you end it with a cliffhanger that Really makes me long for the next part as well. Awesome!

Okay, this whole story is amazing, plain and simple. It's almost as if Pterry himself wrote it.

I have to admit to feeling a bit of inward doubt now. I had my own idea for a MLP/Discworld crossover that I was thinking about writing, but I don't know if I can now. I feel like I wouldn't be able to stop myself from comparing it to this one, and ultimately end up disappointed with my own work.
Damn you for being so awesome!

This story makes me laugh REALLY HARD :rainbowlaugh:

“I meant," said Ipslore bitterly, "what is there in this world that truly makes living worthwhile?"
Death thought about it.
CATS, he said eventually. CATS ARE NICE.

Albert finished, exasperatedly waving a hand at Pinkie Pie as she scoffed her own sample.
-I was not sure that "scoffed" is the correct word/spelling. Upon looking into it it seems you were correct. My congratulations. People tell me I have a rather large vocabulary.


Ah, Sourcery. I enjoyed that book, although I suppose it was PTerry's justification to re-write the way the UU worked for later novels. It's a shame that some of his earlier works don't get much referencing in the later ones.

Oh.God.:pinkiegasp: What have you done, you monster? LOLZ! JUST kidding:pinkiehappy:

Death is becoming corporeal? This could make for interesting times...

:yay: You've really got pratchett's style down - i can't wait for the next!

I think it's great, I quite like Death whenever I've seen him show up in places, and you made him fit well. I like the explanation of Pinkie's teleport ability, all very cool.

Thank you, sir!

Five stars aren't enough to rate this. Are you quite sure that you aren't Terry Pratchett under a pen name? (Tell-tale signs might be extensive use of footnotes, excellent taste in hats, and the number eight.) I will follow this story. I will follow it to the ends of the internet.:rainbowdetermined2:


Sadly, I only learnt that GoogleDocs was even capable of writing footnotes when I was doing this last chapter, but I'll definitely be throwing them in more often in future chapters. Shame that the formatting of GoogleDocs (the footnotes are at the bottom of the relevant page, instead of the bottom of the entire chapter) is lost when I put it up here.

By the gods! "the pink pony of deaf" burst out laughing for atleast 10 minutes :twilightsmile: love the story : )

That's how I would have responded if I was standing in a puddle of jam, too :pinkiesmile:

What can I say that hasn't been said already? This is an excellent story.



I can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

The necroponicon?

The pink pony of deaf?

I'm ok with this.


I am greatly amused by this.

So... "Bill Door" has turned into a living pony and lost his standard voice, while Pinkie appears to be out for some flavor of revenge. This should be good.*

* Oh, and nice work with the footnotes**, too.

** Or should they be called hoofnotes? :rainbowhuh:

And thus bring up the question of why is this not updated more frequently. It's just too damn good!

Ah well this only gets more interesting!

Awesome work!

And now you have me thinking about what it would be like if Opal ever met Greebo. I don't think either world could survive such an encounter unscathed.

Yes! the first discworld crossover i've seen yet... although i remember death being a little less somber at most times... anyway really good stuff :pinkiehappy:

oh albert, why so serious?:pinkiecrazy:
love it! so much epicness!

And now, here comes CUPCAKES :pinkiesmile: Vengeance Pinkie Pie style!

At first I was like :pinkiegasp:

But now I'm like :pinkiecrazy:

Whoever made Pinkie kill that man is in for it!

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