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A side-story to Andrew Joshua Talon's 'Progress' series, exploring Celestia's own troubles in keeping up with the times. While Luna has had to catch up with a thousand years of change, spare a thought for those who've had to live through it. It's not easy trying to remember everything, and Princess Celestia has had her own share of mishaps over the years...

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smiling down on the land and bathing it in her light.
-NMM doesn't seem like the sort who would be doing much smiling in that situation.


Chalk it up to wishful thinking on Celestia's part. Besides, it's still Luna in there.

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That was hilarious! And the best part is I can actually see this having happened at least once in history in real life. :rainbowlaugh: Keep up the good work and update soon! :pinkiehappy:

Wow, them palace guards sure do let their minds wander, don't they? Could there really be?... naaaaaah.

Fun story. Really catches the feel of the original, I think. :twilightsmile:

Technical ineptitude runs in the family, it seems.
Well, ineptitude is admittedly a rather strong word. Maybe just confidence. The sort borne from moving celestial objects on a regular basis. "I move the sun/moon, how hard can it be?"
Very, Your Majesties. Very.
Great side-story to a great fic!:yay:

So... is this anything Like "Dan vs." on The Hub? Because if so, I shall have to look in on the original.


Oh god! It hurts so good! But please, make it stop! The laughing just hurts too much!

Will you be doing more? I wouldn't Mind some Celestia vs stuff

Now we need both the Princesses to team up against the single most confusing piece of machinery ever dreamed up by any living creature: the damn VCR.

Beautiful!:pinkiehappy: Really sweet and cute stuff and really showed your desire to be similar to progress though from a slightly different view.

Are you perhaps thinking of doing any more of these? I'd love to read them. :twilightsheepish:


Not currently, no, I've got enough projects on the go.


That's entirely fair. Do you think if you get time enough down the road it's something you'd like to continue?


Possibly... But Progress is A. J. Talon's series, not mine, so it's unlikely. I enjoyed working with him for this one-shot, though.

433027 Ah, I hadn't realized that you collaborated with him. Cool stuff but i'll definitely check out your other works. :pinkiesmile:

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