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Right... Now what? · 6:00pm Jan 9th, 2017

Some among those of you who, for reasons unfathomable to me, have chosen to pay attention to my profile and my stories will have noticed that Binky Pie has, after five years, finally been set to 'Complete'.

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Just a short word. · 8:32pm Mar 12th, 2015

Excuse me while I blow the dust off the account.

Today, the renowned author Sir Terry Pratchett died, aged 66. I wish to mention this because, as my dogged/devoted readers of Binky Pie will know, I enjoyed his works and am saddened at his passing.

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Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated. · 7:53pm May 15th, 2014

... As of writing this it has been well over a year since I last wrote a chapter of Binky Pie, and, to my further shame, over three years since I started it! I'm sorry I never got around to finishing it. It's been a constant nagging presence in the back of my head for so long I sort of got used to ignoring it, and life has a way of getting... in the way, as it were.

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By Way of Explanation... · 12:51am Mar 29th, 2013

... As to why I've been rather quiet and why you should care (spoiler: you shouldn't). In short, last year of degree, last term was more hellish on writing time than I thought it would be, and this last term is exams, exams, exams. Once all that's out of the way (16th May), I can dedicate myself to writing more and finishing Binky Pie, which I believe just turned two years old. Which makes me feel old. And slow.

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The Pony of the Opera - Complete · 11:58pm Sep 24th, 2012

I've finally finished Pony of the Opera, for which I am thankful. I started writing that around July last year, so it's good to finally have it done. To tell the truth, before beginning it, all I had done was watch the film adaptation of Lloyd Webber's musical about ten times. I had no familiarity with the book or any other version of the story, although I had visited the location that inspired the story, the Opéra Populaire or

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Pony of the Opera, Act II: Scene III - An Update! · 12:13am Jul 21st, 2012

I have finally posted something! It's been a long break. The long delay was started by exams, lengthened by writer's block, and then further extended because I got roped into doing writing for a private server who are developing a new setting for World of Warcraft. This chapter of Pony of the Opera has been in the writing for quite a long time, although there was large chunks of nothing between writing. It's been a nightmare to write specifically because of the confrontation,

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"Tagged" & Miscellany · 4:09pm Jun 4th, 2012

I got 'tagged' or something. While I ain't gonna humour the notion in its entirety by annoying a further eleven people and forcing them to answer some questions, I'll answer the ones that were sent to me.


1. Who is (the) best pony?
Rarity, and Celestia.

2. Why?

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Mayday! · 11:08pm May 1st, 2012

Just as an awareness-raising point; I'm currently entering my month of exams, hence the considerable delay in updates on my various stories. The finale to Pony of the Opera is still being penned, and once that's finished I'll be writing the next chapter of Binky Pie.

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Updates and Miscellany · 11:36am Mar 31st, 2012

Whelp, I finally updated Pony of the Opera after five months. I'll try and do the next, final chapter in the coming week, but no promises there. Then it's back to Binky Pie!

Speaking of Binky Pie, two things have come to my attention regarding it. Namely:

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OKAY OKAY · 11:51pm Mar 20th, 2012


I'm in the middle of exams at the moment, but I'll soon be back to updating. Next up: Pony of the Opera - Act II: Scene II.

In the mean time, I also run an RPG/Writing forum, which blends a choose-your-own style story with RPG style elements in a Sci-Fi setting. I... can't really summarize it that well. Go take a look, and sign up if you're interested!

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