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Penne Pasta is the first unicorn in generations to be born to the prestigious Pasta clan, major exporters of wheat and, yes, the original inventors of pasta in all its myriad forms. Gifted a diary for her birthday as she embarks on her first term at the Canterlot School for Gifted Unicorns, Penne records her thoughts, secrets and feelings as she navigates a new life in the capital and the troubles of school.

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Continuing from Fleurdeliser, Fleur-de-Lis has spent three years living in blissful matrimony with her husband, Fancy Pants, but will she be able to choose between her new life and the old when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself: the chance to steal the greatest treasure in all of Equestria - the Crown Jewels themselves?

Image by LuezA-35.

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Fleur-de-Lis is, perhaps, most well known for her brief career as a model on Equestria's fashion scene, but there are surprising depths to this elegant unicorn that most never see. This is a tale of a fateful evening in Canterlot, and a glimpse into the personality and character of a pony for whom good looks and grace are just the tip of the iceberg.

Image by Egophiliac.

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This is a compilation of all the little silly ideas I get that aren't large enough to make a full story, but I still get the urge to write. There'll be a bit of everything here, but never much longer than 1,000 words! They're short Pony Shorts!

Tom x Bloomberg OTP [Comedy] - In which Twilight Sparkle is emotionally scarred by a surprising subset of romantic literature.

Zen [Slice of Life] - In which Pinkie Pie demonstrates that a garden truly is a reflection of its tender.

A Little Storm of Chaos [Slice of Life][Friendshipping] - In which Rainbow Dash cooks up a little something for Pinkie Pie.

On Crowd Songs [Slice of Life] - In which Ponyville's premier musician struggles to wrap up winter.

Letters and Late Fees [Comedy] - In which Celestia takes a moment out of her day to visit an old friend.

Morning Routine [Normal] - In which Sepia Tock has bad dreams.

Equestria [Normal][Myth] - In which Equestria is made.

Cold Flight, Warm Hearth [Slice of Life][Friendshipping] - In which Rainbow Dash delivers her last present of the day to a special friend.

Bucky McGillygutty X Kicks McGee OTP [Random][Comedy] - In which a simple leg finds the simplest and greatest pleasure of all.

Experimental Report: Animus [SCIENCE][Comedy] - In which Twilight Sparkle performs an experiment.

One-Bit Novels [Adventure][Comedy] - In which Daring Do makes a daring escape.

The Taste of Bitter Almonds [Noir][Comedy] - In which an inspector enters a bar, looking for a drink.

The Mark [Normal][Myth] - In which ponies gain their Cutie Marks.

Derpyganger [Normal] - In which Derpy Hooves relaxes after a long day.

Origami [SCIENCE][Normal][Comedy] - In which the results of Twilight's earlier experiment come back to haunt her.

Stratus [Slice of Life][Comedy] - In which Fluttershy deals with a problem purely for pegasi.

The Sleep of Reason [Normal] - In which two sisters share dreams as the years pass them by.

Black Bun Pie: Cragodile Hunter [Normal][Comedy] - In which Pinkie Pie visits Twilight with a package from her uncle.

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On November the Fifth, the ponies of Trottingham celebrate and remember a fateful day in Equestria's history, causing Celestia to relive some old memories as she relates the tale to her student, Twilight Sparkle. 'Remember, Remember the Fifth of November', but what for?

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Written off-the-cuff in response to Draetos' "Having a Ball" being posted on Equestria Daily, with the bonus comic "Rarity on a Ball Comic". So... here. Rarity on a Ball: The FanFic.

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A side-story to Andrew Joshua Talon's 'Progress' series, exploring Celestia's own troubles in keeping up with the times. While Luna has had to catch up with a thousand years of change, spare a thought for those who've had to live through it. It's not easy trying to remember everything, and Princess Celestia has had her own share of mishaps over the years...

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Pinkie Pie is visited by a strange customer whilst working at Sugarcube Corner. Hilarity ensues.

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A chance meeting with the new manager of the Canterlot Opera House propels Fluttershy to stardom as the lead singer in a new opera. However, rumours abound of a ghost haunting the performance. Will Fluttershy and Rarity be able to discover the truth behind the masks?

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The "Great and Powerful" Trixie has headed out to Appleloosa for a new start and a clean slate, but can she really leave behind a lifetime of bragging and showmareship?

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