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Continuing from Fleurdeliser, Fleur-de-Lis has spent three years living in blissful matrimony with her husband, Fancy Pants, but will she be able to choose between her new life and the old when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself: the chance to steal the greatest treasure in all of Equestria - the Crown Jewels themselves?

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I'm glad to see a continuation of this series, but the need for a separate story page sort of evades me. I guess it helps to frame the shift in focus, but it really doesn't make much sense when the previous fic was only two chapters long.

It'd also be nice if downvoters would actually leave a reason for downvoting. Aside from formatting and a strange detached air, there's really nothing in this fic that should make someone do that. I, for one, welcome our new larcenist overlords.


I did consider it, but I felt as they were different stories entirely, it was better to give it a new page. After all, when an author writes a sequel to a book, they don't re-print the first book by adding the text of the second to it, do they?

(Compilations notwithstanding :trixieshiftright: )


A good start to the sequel, let's see where it takes us.

I've been waiting for this for a while now. And I am not dissappointed.

Btw since everyone does it; FIRST.

Very nice. The off formatting aside; it has good drama, reasonable conflict, and I even liked Fancy and Fleur's argument. I never see them argue when they're together in a fic.

Good stuff and I can't wait for more


Wait, how is the formatting off?

Oh it was about what Fox had said about downvoters. I don't think the formatting is off. I had meant to put it in quotations.:twilightblush:

There are a couple bits I could nitpick, but those would be better suited to an editor, which I am not. This story is looking good so far, and I look forward to reading more. :twilightsmile:

-√Člisabeth de la Camarque
When Sweet and Elite first aired, I was a supporter of her name being Elisabeth, but to no avail. I love your use of it here. :D

The timeshift is a bit of a pity in my opinion, I would much rather have seen her steal some of those items you've described (fencing with 'Barding' all the while)

Still, I'm interested to see how this continues.

1510394 I never got why some call her Elizabeth. Fleur De Lis seemedd to fit better for me

1770861 At one point in Sweet and Elite, Fancypants says "Ah, listen then," very quickly, to the point that many people - including myself - mistook it for "Elizabeth" until the rest of his sentence gave it context a moment later.

1771745 Click the link I provided - it's programmed to the timecode at which he says it.

1771807 I can see why people thought that, but even if he did I don't think he was really addressing Fleur but whatever. Not a big a deal


People probably presumed he was saying "Elizabeth and I have tickets..." rather than "Ah, listen, I have tickets..."

In my case here in the story I just liked the joke of using several of the fanon names and making them all 'canon' at once.

I feel I am obligated to ask this before I read;

She will return it...right?

You'll have to wait and see! I'm in the process of writing Chapter 3 currently. The story will only be four chapters long when it's finished.

Excellent story, very much looking forward to the continuation! The fencing analogies work very well, especially with the way you portray the characters.

...zornhau? Do you do German longsword fencing??


Thank you, I can't really say I'm working on it, I've been neglecting my writing of late, but it's still sort-of there in the wings waiting. And I'm afraid I don't do fencing, no, I mainly pick the terms from a list on Wikipedia as they best fit each situation. :trollestia:

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