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A chance meeting with the new manager of the Canterlot Opera House propels Fluttershy to stardom as the lead singer in a new opera. However, rumours abound of a ghost haunting the performance. Will Fluttershy and Rarity be able to discover the truth behind the masks?

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Author’s Note:
While I’m not usually in the habit of adding author’s notes, I feel that this story perhaps deserves one. I’m well aware that The Phantom of the Opera (whether book, musical and movie) has a very dedicated fanbase, and a number of the comments I’ve received have been in the hope that the characters (the Phantom especially) and story would be truer to one version or the other.

However, this is, above all, a crossover, and it’s a crossover with My Little Pony. The tone is very different, and I’m trying to keep the story believable to the universe of our favourite pastel-coloured equines. If you dislike the consequence of me taking that direction on the course of the story, then I would advise you to halt reading at this point, and I thank you for sparing your time to read up ‘til now. Otherwise, I hope that you enjoy my attempts to blend the two together in a seamless and entertaining manner!

"I shall simply have to do some digging!”

Fluttershy raised an eyebrow at her.

“... Metaphorically speaking, darling, of course.”

Couldn't pass this exchange up. Awesome job here.

2536 And therein lies the problem with writing crossovers. It's very unlikely that you'll be able to please the fan bases of both shows/whatever media you're crossing over. People are going to be unhappy.

But, for what it's worth, I think you're doing a wonderful job. Maybe it's because I never actually saw the Phantom of the Opera performed (I only read the book, and even then I never really liked it) but I think you're handling the story perfectly.

In addition, you've done a great job with writing Fluttershy and Rarity. I could easily see this happening to them in the show; you've captured their characters wonderfully. In addition, Prima Donna was an exceptional creation; you've successfully made a character that I love to hate.

Your writing style is quite easy to follow, and is enjoyable to read. I like what you've got up so far, and I hope that you have some more on the way. This story has a lot of potential.

I'm really enjoying this so far. I look forward to reading the rest!

I've never read or watched the Phantom of the Opera, but this story has captured my attention anyway! The story is very well-written.

Not only is this story great for being a pony version of Phantom of the Opera (which I love with much love), but I really enjoy all the world-building you put into this piece. The descriptions of the grandeur of the Opera House really add to the atmosphere!


I have actually been to the Opéra Garnier in Paris, so a lot of the description is working directly from my memory/postcards/leaflets/Google. It's such a magnificent and beautiful building in itself that I felt I had to really do it justice with the descriptions! (Even if I did spend Act I: Scene I basically doing nothing but description). The interior of the Canterlot Opera House is also based on the actual architecture of the Opéra Garnier, although with additions from the 2004 Phantom of the Opera musical.

And, And, and....

I am speechless, therefore, nothing should be said.

Except "secret side of Rainbow Dash" is always amazing.


P.S. Humming "Flight of the Valkyries" very loudly now. Thanks.

Why do I get this feeling that Angel is going to beat up Philomina? With a carrot?

This IS a crossover, so if people were expecting the original characters, they should read the original book!

I am on of those dedicated fans you mentioned. I've read the book in both English and French, as well as seen the musical.
I have to say, I love what you've done with the crossover. You've made the characters come alive in the world of Equestria!
You've done an amazing job blending the 2 together seamlessly, and very entertainingly.
Keep up the great work!!

The descriptions are very well done.

As I was reading it, I felt myself being taken back to the Opéra Garnier (I've been there too, you captured it magnificently), except this time it was alive, and interwoven with all the complex sub-opera architecture I never got to experience.

All I can say is I want more
I hope a new chapter comes out soon.

You have combined Ponies....with The Phantom of the Opera, with Fluttershy as main character.

I'll be honest I haven't seen nor read Phantom (Trust me when I say I'm getting around to watching it, I know where the VHS is)
So this'll be interesting

How much longer til a new chapter from this?
The fact it was last updated in October is BS :pinkiesad2::applecry:

I love how this scene practically made "Rainbow Dash loves Opera" canon

Hmmm... You have my attention. The weird thing is, I was searching for this exact fic. Tracking. :pinkiesmile:

So is this going to continue anytime soon?


I've got the chapter open in another tab and have been staring furiously and fruitlessly at it for several hours.


Ahhh... Yeah, I know how that goes. I have like five stories three quarters finished sitting in Word and any time I try to work on any of them I just draw a blank.

At least you haven't given up on it though. Good luck!

The phantom's a mule. Is that all? :trixieshiftright: No offense Miyajima, but that seems a little anticlimactic.
Admittedly, this is definitely lighter and softer than the original material... The chapter was well done and worth the wait, and I patiently await the next part and the explanation for O.G.'s secretiveness.


Yeeeeah, I know. My problem here was that when I was thinking about how to adapt the story, I immediately realised that Equestria is not the sort of nation that would ostracize someone based on looks (see: :derpytongue2: ). As a result, the Phantom's background was no longer workable, and I had to think of some other reason why he is as he is. It should become clearer in the next, final chapter.

I REALLY need to see this play soon, :twilightsheepish:

I thought you had abandoned this story! :yay:

Phantom Of The Opera - Iron Maiden

As much as I despise Phantom of The Opera, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post more Iron Maiden. Besides, the song predates the musical anyways.

This is positively wonderful! As a massive fan of Phantom of the Opera (book, musical, and movies) I have to say you've done a magnificent job transforming such a great show into something befitting the MLP universe. I wait in with great anticipation and enthusiasm for the Final Chapter of this work of greatness!:heart:

Very, very nice fusion of themes of Pony of Phantom there Miyajima. The Ghost's motive fits so well, and the resolution of the conflict was perfect Friendship is Magic.

One note though: In Falsetto's line "He had been using the tunnel to visit Fluttershy and give her tuition to improve her confidence." The word should be tutoring, not tuition




Edit: Okay, now that I've calmed down, time for feedback.

It appears things are beginning to wrap up here, and our story is coming to a close. And Fluttershy once again ends it all with a stern talking to, a glare, and a hug.

At long last, finally complete! :yay:

*claps* Solid and true to the purpose through the end Miya. Bravo.

Wow, so far I'm impressed, it isn't just Phantom of the Opera.... with PONIES!!!... It is clearly derived from it, but different enough to make it feel like a new story, and the ponification is well done. On a side note, I always liked the Prima Donna's voice, not her singing one but her regular speech... these things do 'appen... just kinda funny

“Falsetto, darling, a lady does not ‘interrogate’. … I was merely going to ask you a series of probing questions to which I would expect gratifying answers.” - This is truly a line for the ages.

Why is it I never get tired of reading pony names? They are really half the description necessary for any character it seems and often silly. You'd think I'd miss 'regular' names in my choice of reading material... like Bernard, I haven't read about ANYpony named Bernard...

Hmmmmm... definitely taking some liberties with his character I think, but I suppose in the beginning he was always supposed to be a charmer. Regardless I like where you are going with it.

More Importantly, Nuh-Uh I know you did not just have Flutters lose a staring contest with Angel!:ajsleepy:

*Claps* Yay! Beautiful Ending!:yay:

Brava, Brava, Magnifico! :pinkiehappy:


Beautiful. :coolphoto:

I thought hes past was more tragic.

Well, the original was, although he wasn't entirely guiltless in it either. However, I didn't feel I could get away with pulling that backstory (murder, betrayal, and so on) into the sugary-sweet world of My Little Pony without breaking suspension of disbelief in the crossover, so I adapted it as best I could.

"The music built to a crescendo as Prima Donna’s voice climbed higher and higher, each ascending note punctuated by a flap of her wings as she hung above the stage like an angel of music." :rainbowlaugh: I see what you did there.

"She guessed he was maybe half a hand shorter than Big Mac, but of a similar build." I think you might have meant hoof? I am liking where this is going so far.

“Junk, junk, threat, junk, tax notice, health and safety inspection-" XD So, Pinkie and the cakes are getting threats now?:rainbowlaugh: What did she do? :trixieshiftright:


'Hand' was deliberate in this case, a hand is an Imperial unit of measure that's still traditionally used for measuring the height of horses and ponies. In fact, a pony is defined as a horse no taller than 14 hands. (Strictly speaking, both Big Mac and the Princesses, but not Twilacorn, would be considered 'horses' by this criterion).

3007368 I was not aware of that. Interesting. :duck: Very great job on the story by the way. I was wondering whether he was going to disappear or not. I kind of got the idea that he wouldn't when you said something about 'translating the story into MLP'. :derpyderp1: Never the less, great story and I can't wait for the next chapter of binky pie!:yay:

thank for a most amazing story, i hope there will be more of this talent show in your stories.

First what is with " the "little gardien and little protector" stuff
Second nu uh you did not just make FLUTTERSHY lose a staring contest with ANGLE
Finally I would like to ask u if I could do my weekly recommendation about your story.
P.s i You be doing me a huge and I mean a HUGE favor if you would allow me to. Just private message me.

- fluttershyfan1

A MULE! Oh poor o.g I do hope he is alright:fluttershysad:

Omg a little overboard with the opera ghost. Say he would not let people do stuff to get in fluttershy way. Um yeah man worrie about u fluttershy can do it

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