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On November the Fifth, the ponies of Trottingham celebrate and remember a fateful day in Equestria's history, causing Celestia to relive some old memories as she relates the tale to her student, Twilight Sparkle. 'Remember, Remember the Fifth of November', but what for?

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A little early still nice to see a Guy Fawkes night themed fanfic, and also nice to see you managed to convert it into a 'Pony version', as well as avoiding the whole hanging drawing and quartering, which wouldn't really fit with Celestia's style.

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Hmm... not bad.


I posted it here early because I planned to send it to Equestria Daily so that it'd be put up on the 5th November, but it's been rejected :raritydespair: and it's too late for me to re-work and re-submit it in time for it to be relevant. So, it'll just be up here and on FanFiction.net.

23735 Really? That's too bad; I liked the story. Was kind of expecting a more, "V for Vendetta" vibe when I started reading, but it was quite enjoyable.

"Discordiantiestablishmentarianists." Brilliant. :rainbowlaugh:

Very well done, perfect melding of MLP and a real holiday. (Bit of trivia, in the old UK MLP comics they also had a Guy Fawkes Night equivalent . . . Fizziwhizz Night. Never gave any real backstory to it, though, aside from "ponies like fireworks!")

And we got to see Celestia use the Royal Canterlot Voice, too! Well done, sir! :trollestia:


Really? Huh. If I'd have known that I'd have worked it in, shame. Maybe if I ever do get around to re-writing it.

Very nice! I loved it!

Pretty good story you have here, defently one of the better interpretation of Celestia and early Equestiran history. Fair and just.

Brilliant! There needs to be more of this kind of thing. This was absolute GOLD!

Very nice. I like how you stuck more to the original story than the V for Vendetta stuff. I wouldn't mind a small addendum about whether Luna could've handled it or not. Or how if at all they thought said bomb would release discord from presumably stone.

The vague aim behind the story was to educate a majority US audience about a distinctly British holiday and tradition, so aye, I avoided the film for obvious reasons. As for whether Luna could have handled it or not... It's immaterial, she just wasn't present. She was back 'home' in Everfree, overseeing the court in Celestia's absence, and after all, it wasn't even Celestia who stopped the plot, just a pony. Finally, they didn't necessarily think Discord would be freed, they just wanted to watch the world burn. Some ponies do.

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