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This is a compilation of all the little silly ideas I get that aren't large enough to make a full story, but I still get the urge to write. There'll be a bit of everything here, but never much longer than 1,000 words! They're short Pony Shorts!

Tom x Bloomberg OTP [Comedy] - In which Twilight Sparkle is emotionally scarred by a surprising subset of romantic literature.

Zen [Slice of Life] - In which Pinkie Pie demonstrates that a garden truly is a reflection of its tender.

A Little Storm of Chaos [Slice of Life][Friendshipping] - In which Rainbow Dash cooks up a little something for Pinkie Pie.

On Crowd Songs [Slice of Life] - In which Ponyville's premier musician struggles to wrap up winter.

Letters and Late Fees [Comedy] - In which Celestia takes a moment out of her day to visit an old friend.

Morning Routine [Normal] - In which Sepia Tock has bad dreams.

Equestria [Normal][Myth] - In which Equestria is made.

Cold Flight, Warm Hearth [Slice of Life][Friendshipping] - In which Rainbow Dash delivers her last present of the day to a special friend.

Bucky McGillygutty X Kicks McGee OTP [Random][Comedy] - In which a simple leg finds the simplest and greatest pleasure of all.

Experimental Report: Animus [SCIENCE][Comedy] - In which Twilight Sparkle performs an experiment.

One-Bit Novels [Adventure][Comedy] - In which Daring Do makes a daring escape.

The Taste of Bitter Almonds [Noir][Comedy] - In which an inspector enters a bar, looking for a drink.

The Mark [Normal][Myth] - In which ponies gain their Cutie Marks.

Derpyganger [Normal] - In which Derpy Hooves relaxes after a long day.

Origami [SCIENCE][Normal][Comedy] - In which the results of Twilight's earlier experiment come back to haunt her.

Stratus [Slice of Life][Comedy] - In which Fluttershy deals with a problem purely for pegasi.

The Sleep of Reason [Normal] - In which two sisters share dreams as the years pass them by.

Black Bun Pie: Cragodile Hunter [Normal][Comedy] - In which Pinkie Pie visits Twilight with a package from her uncle.

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And so Twilight was traumatized for life, and Fluttershy went on to become a famous niche romance novelist!

Simply adorable . . . also, great description of the cotton-candy cloud in the making. That is just what one would be like . . . :pinkiehappy:

Earth pony magic!! Or perhaps just Pinkie Pie-ness. :pinkiehappy: I like the idea of Pinkie's little personal rock garden. :pinkiesmile:

These are exceedingly cute. I've got the same problem - interesting ideas that may not flesh out long enough to be a full story - and this is an elegant way to use them.

This is pure gold right here.

Love it.

Kind of a fourth-wall breaker since Twilight's singing is supposed to be spontaneous (and how would Lyra know what she was feeling?), but I like it in a cartoony, logic-defying way. Clever story.


Lyra re-wrote those parts after the Mayor got her to change the soloists, and there's also a bit of improvisation involved.

"That's mah story an' I'm stickin' to it!" :ajbemused:

Hmm, I'm glad somepony decided to do it, i had deleted my version a couple days ago

If I didn't give this five stars, I'd know not literature.
5/5 for a silly Celestia

Here's something for everypony :ajsmug:

...wow. o_o

You got a laugh out of me. Well done.

You know, it's fics like this that make me smile.


No comment other than well done.

Hah. Clever story. The idea of Winter Wrap-Up being pre-choreographed certainly made sense.

Good lord, you are amazing.


And now, for a review.


If I had one. I'm...I'm amazed. I can't find anything wrong with any of these stories. Nothing. No plot holes, no characterization problems, no grammar mistakes, no horrendous formatting issues...

I can't. I'm a serious editor and proofreader, and I cannot find any blemish in these stories. It's literally perfect. Flawless.

You are the proof that humanity might not go straight to hell. This collection is a diamond in a sea of cubic zirconium.

If I could rate this higher than five out of five, for once, I would be very happy to do so. For the first time in my life, I have been unable to give a critique.

This...this is fucking magnificent. Fantastic. Amazing. Beautiful. It is so awesome. It is 20% cooler than everything else.


liked this one, and the ones before it very much, keep up the great writing :twilightsmile:

This is a stunning concept, brilliantly executed. Oh, please keep going with these; sometimes a great moment is worth a thousand long stories.

Is this at all related to a particular Dr. Who episode from a few seasons back?


Technically, several episodes. :raritywink:

Oh, yes. As an aside, that pattern at the start of this chapter does translate into something.

Cookie to the first pony to correctly do it! :twilightsmile:

(It's dangerous to translate alone, take this: http://shermansplanet.com/Gallifreyan.html)

Again: You fucking rock!

:pinkiehappy: "And that's the story of how I got Gummy!"

:pinkiegasp: That was just amazing.


"And that's the story of how I got my cutie mark! FHey, maybe I should tell you how Equestria was made!"

You have a gift for words both exquisite and rare. Looking foward to reading more from you.

I'd Like to See this continued. I dunno How, but It'd be great.
TANGENT!: I'd love to see your take on one of the many Tired Literary Cliches surrounding the Pony fandom (Heh, a fandom less than tw years old has tired Literary Cliches) Namely Gasp! Suddenly X is an Alicorn! (X Being any or all of :ajsmug: :yay: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowhuh: :raritywink: :twilightsheepish: :derpytongue2: :trixieshiftleft: ( or maybe go right out of left feild and have :eeyup: or :moustache:)

Dammit, you're seriously denting all my Delusions of being a being made entirely of Manlyness by having me D'aww this frequently
.Don't stop. I'd rather have Cute PonyFics then my Machismo

The Link you gave is Busted. T.T I wanna Author Cookie and I can't find any no-conflicting data anywhere else

yes Fluttershy, you do need to get a better hobby

:rainbowhuh: Did I just really read a short fic about AJ's legs. Don't get me wrong it was actually a nice story but probably one of the oddest ones. My only conclusion is that, yes, Fluttershy needs a new hobby, or needs to stick with the animals.

Are Bucky McGillygutty and Kicks McGee a reference to something?
*edit* Oh, Derp. They're actually Canon. I just saw them in another fic and thought it was a reference to something else. My Mistake. :D

Besides, it's not like I'm just confined to paper.

by Twilight Sparkle and AAAA. Don't you mean 'Johnson'? :rainbowlaugh:

There are a few typos/grammatical errors. But nothing that was sore to the eyes.


As much as it might sound like I'm making an excuse, those were all intentional. Remember Twilight was writing this in a bit of a hurry! :twilightsmile:

And no, Johnson was my brave companion, I'm AAAA.

So is Johnson supposed to be the control, and AAAA is the enchanted book?

It's a bit unwieldy, I'll be the first to admit. Perhaps A4 is a better moniker. But your deduction is quite correct.

Brilliant..favorite part so far. I liked how you incorporated songs in the show in this writing.

This reminds me of the psy papers I had to write in high school.

140449 Sweet. I has logics. IN SCHOOL!

Sapience, not sentience.

Sentience is simply being aware of the world and responding purposefully to it; a rat or a cat is sentient. Plants are not sentient, even though they can sense changes in chemistry and light, and will grow in reaction to those changes. Sentience requires a nervous system and the ability to process information, not simply react to it.

Sapience is being conscious and capable of self awareness, planning, scheming, plotting and thinking. A sapient creature can grasp concepts and formulate ideas about the world; they can express those ideas through behavior. Sapient creatures can recognize themselves in a mirror as being unique individuals, and can communicate that fact. Human beings are sapient, so are the great apes such as chimpanzees and gorillas, with example such as Washoe and Koko exhibiting every sign given above. There is very slight evidence of sapience in dolphins.

The spellbook was sapient - far more terrifying than simply being sentient.

The More You Know...:heart:

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