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Trick Question

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This is a collection of classic zen koans retold with Friendship is Magic characters.

Koans are small questions, poems, or stories used in Zen Buddhism to bring about enlightenment in the reader.

Rebooted April 2018. I'll remove this message once we're caught up again.

Chapters (15)
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Nontransitivity! :yay:

These are certainly fun to read!

I feel like the time travel plot had better zen options that were ignored in favor Pinkie who is only the way she is here because she was the way she was before, which would have required time travel to pull off.

I chewed on this one for a good bit, and I have to admit, I have no idea what this one's getting at.

The very abbreviated version of the koan in question:

Star Swirl the Bearded has a beard.
So why doesn't he have a beard?

Koans aren't supposed to 'make sense' in the normal way. They're riddles you ponder until you receive enlightenment.

That's fascinating. I thought they were more traditional parables at first, given how intuitive the previous chapters seemed. Now I feel as if I may not have been looking deeply enough into them.

Is there one on overthinking things, by chance? I feel like this particular koan is much, much more straightforward than it seems, but I've had difficulty in simplifying my thoughts before enough to see the right or different perspectives. It feels like my habit of overthinking has worn grooves around the viewpoints and ways of thinking that I need or desire.

...I feel a tad silly asking the question on the previous comment now. If I had just read one more chapter... :derpytongue2:

There's one I just posted that touches on that, actually.

I do so enjoy these tidbits, TQ.

Thank you.

When I do a Sonic Rainboom, if I try to do it, it ain't gonna happen.

But I feel the main issue is not about try not. Rainbow's core claim is that brains are pretty darn good at reinforcement learning (which one causal level higher is evolution's doing as Tank's shell), so let them do their thing. It doesn't completely capture the issue of overthinking (which is about "additional cognitive effort would cost you (pretty nasty sometimes), and should be properly paid by increased efficiency at decision-making (or at least be pleasant)") and kinda serves as a curiosity stopper here.

"You guys. You guys! It's not the wind or the pennant that's moving!" she exclaimed.

It's elementary particles just after the Big Bang that are moving!

And then she died. But at least she died happy...? Until the excruciating pain brought her senses back down to earth at any rate.

After nearly 24 hours of wakefulness, ten of those being hard labor, I think I am almost fuzzy enough to grasp this. Or perhaps I'm simply drunk on sleep deprivation. Though most of the matter seems fairly clear, and I almost see the point of the duality matter, how did Shining's statement have anything to do with this philosophy?

The CO intentionally made an error in how she presented the dilemma to Shining Armor (claiming there were two sides to the conflict, just the thing he was there to test them on), and he called her out on it.

I love how sweet these stories are

Oh no, That bit was perfectly clear, as was how Shining's statement to the recruits tested their resolve/tranquility. But I fail to comprehend how he tested them on this matter of philosophy.

Oh wow! This is awesome.

The meaning of life is clearly ceiling fans!


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