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8 minutues ago... Favorited and Tracking as of now. Time to read. I love this series/reimagining.

Good opening for the Crystal Empire. Much better than Twilight thinking everything was a planned test and that she ultimately feels like she has to do everything on her own. And nice way to alternate the comic origin for Sombra and the Umbrum for this version. Honestly they should've put more though on the Crystal Empire in the season 3 opening for the show the way the comic thought up that origin and such

Using them was a great touch. Made me wish the series gave them pony counterparts and if they’d be exactly the same as their EG selves or different in any way

The pony ones are helpful without prompting.

Great start, I like how you made Sugarcoat, Sour, Sunny, Indigo and Lemon part of the story.

I'm starting to like this version of "The Crystal Empire" so far!

Loved everything in it like only 5 Crystal ponies being the only ones to still be themselves and that there is a dragon in the empire as well!

Hello there. Thanks very much for getting Book Three of this series up and running. Again, you did a really good job on the dialogue, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up. Definitely liked the work going into Sombra's backstory (including reworked elements of the stuff from the IDW Comics) as well as Spike and the other Guardians keeping Twilight relatively calm, the flashbacks with Sterling and Gold Lilly, the meeting with Vanguard (and the reason most of the cloned guards get reduced intelligence [of course, if they DID retain their intelligence, they would know the sired Alicorns were FAR more powerful than them - in terms of actual ability as well as rank - and not be messing with them in the first place]), the appearance of Flash and introduction to Joules, the stuff with Astral and the Crystal Five and the bits of expansion with Sombra himself concerning the more obvious threat.

One minor thing I want to point out though - early in the story, you said "a few months shy of two years". It is actually "a few months IN EXCESS of two years."

As I aforementioned, though, that is only a rather minor thing.

At any rate, definitely looking forward to Part Two as well as the rest of Book Three in general.

Loving this S3 entry already, especially with cutting off the test bullcrap by Celestia at the beginning & just telling the Mane 6/Spike straight out what's up! Also the pony version of the Crystal 5 was a welcomed addition (wonder why Hasbro didn't think of that on later seasons?:applejackconfused:) & that dragon as well! Wonder if him & Spike will interact some more after this tale's over? :moustache:

Astral will teach Spike what he knows about combat.

I do wonder if Luna will ever re-gain the rest of her powers?

By coincidence I happen to re-read a fic(that got me into the fandom 5 years ago) recently that adapted the season 3 premiere.
I think the season 3 premiere is probably my fav premiere due to it had one of Spike's achievements(foiling Sombra).

With what Astral mentioned(surprised about his inclusion), I wonder how powerful Spike's magic will be since for his cure, 3 alicorns, 1 magic progedy and 1 decent unicorn(who is also a element bearer) along with being hatched by said progedy(which was caused by a certain event that got all 6 Bearers their Cutie Marks).
Lots of possibilities.

And the Crystal 5 was a pretty cool addition.
Makes me wonder if pony Cinch will show up and how much of an ass is she gonna be.

1. Slowly.
2. Wait and see.
3. I’m not sure how to use Pony!Cinch.

And we’re here in S3! And man what a way to start

We got some IDW comic stuff going with Sombra.

Like the stuff with Astral so far.

And of course the introduction of the Crystal Prep 5. And man, I’m REALLY glad you added them in, I was so curious and wondering why we never seen their pony counterparts after we first saw them in the 3rd EQG movie

Another good addition.

Forgot to mention that I've noticed that my idea of giving King Sombra a bit more dialogue came through so far.


You’re welcome, can’t wait to see part 2 and more of S3 :pinkiesmile:


Yep, back to the regular schedule upload every week.

And will Luna show she isn't weaker than Celestia?

Can't wait to see how badass Spike's powers be.(especially on what if he has interaction with the Elements' powers too)

I see.
Can see pony Cinch being quite an asshole due to Sombra's reign and such.

Well, Luna’s the youngest of the sired alicorns (at this point in time), so, even with the loss of some of her powers, she wouldn’t be the most powerful.

Anyway, how about Joules?


Btw, when you make the S3 episode order list, is there ANY episodes that will happen in different orders? Like in S1 and S2? Or is S3 episode list order is fine?

Yeah, we never saw their counterparts in the series.

Technically, it hasn’t been a full two years since Twilight and Spike moved to Ponyville. They first moved there on the first day of summer. The first day of summer during the year of season 2 marks their first anniversary of living in Ponyville. I plan on having season 3 end somewhere between summer and fall, when Twilight and Spike will have actually lived in Ponyville for over two years.

(Star eyes)

OMG! A Dragon in the Crystal Empire along with the girls from the Shadowbolts group are now called the Crystal 5?! (Scream with joy) Oh man this is so cool! Can't wait to read part 2.

Also today is my birthday go to my profile and click on my blog that said "Birthday today" to say happy birthday to me.


I could have sworn it HAS already been a little over two years. The Cake Triplets were born just a few weeks before 1002nd Summer Sun Celebration, right? As far as I know, Shining Armor and Cadance were married in late-August/early-September if I remember correctly (which was a few months after the Triplets' birth). This is quite obviously set after the latter. Which means the Season finale here would be just a couple of weeks after Twilight's 19th birthday (and a few weeks BEFORE Sunset Shimmer returns).

Pretty good way to start season 3.

Nice getting more of the Crystal Empire and Sombra backstory, with elements of the comics brought in for those.

The Shadowbolt 5 were a nice surprise, pretty good how you integrated their pony counterparts in this. Nice how they are nicer to the Mane 6 from day one than their human counterparts are in Friendship Games, likely since they haven't been influenced by an evil principal like the human counterparts. The idea of them as a resistance is pretty great.

Next week: Twilight and Spike prepare to retrieve the Crystal Heart and save the Crystal Empire from Sombra.

Out of curiosity, who are the hypothetical VAs for Gold Lily, Sterling, and Astral?

I checked and you were correct. Forget my correction.

Gold Lily: Andrea Libman.
Sterling: Ashleigh Ball.
Astral: Scott McNeil.

Hello my friend! Congratulations!

Within the hours of this being uploaded, Nine Elements book 3 has made it in the Feature category!

This is a huge accomplishment, better update the bio with todays date, really happy for you and the wonderful series you have brought us all :pinkiesmile:


Yeah: https://www.fimfiction.net/ (check feature section

Think of it like how fast and popular your story got.

Base on the likes/dislikes ratio PLUS the amount of views and favs it gotten, your story gotten very well like and popular

And it gets put on the section, that way more people will see your story and read the series themselves (for those who are new to Nine Elements)

Though kind of being in Celestia's shadow in that regard is kind of a problem(being in her shadow pretty much is part of the problem that the show sadly didn't exactly resolve for part of Luna's character either)

Also, Joules?

We’ll worry about that later.

Joules was Flash’s pet thunderbird.

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