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During the time Thorax and Ember left ponyville after their argument with Spike, Ponyville is unexpectedly attacked by strange apes that have come for something, they proved to be a strong and deadly foe against the mane 6 which brought fear to everyone, but they weren't here for them, they were here for a certain purple dragon.. Spike. Spike tries to escape the monster's grasps, but he unfortunately is captured by them, and he is taken to a different world before his friends could rescue him, leaving him trapped in a new world.. alone.

Spike wasn't one to give up though, he came up with a way that got himself free from the apes, and he fled for his life to live, it left the apes to start searching for him after he fled, while their master is waiting for the report. During Spike's escape, he runs into a Purple Dragon like him after escaping into a swamp, the dragon's name is Spyro, and with nowhere to go, and Spyro having a kind heart, Spike's taken in by him and joins him and his little brother Sparx with. Spike's life has changed completely, and he and Spyro are about to go on a journey that will change both they're lives forever..

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This was quite the hectic couple of chapters of this new story of yours Dragonfan, looking forward to more! :moustache:

A interesting story you have created.
Hope to see more in the future!

Hey there. Not much I can say other than really good job on the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Yeah, that was a real emotional alternate spin on the ending of "Triple Threat". So, the Dark Armies got Spike despite efforts from Ember, Thorax and the Mane Six to stop the kidnapping. Well, given the combined power of the Elements of Harmony AND Discord, I'm pretty sure they can EVENTUALLY find SOME way to get to Legend Spyro's universe and rescue Spike (though not until AFTER Spyro and Spike have some adventures together). One thing is for absolutely certain: Compared to Malefor and his armies, Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy are going to seem strictly amateur hour in a couple of years.

Anyway, on to the next chapter.

Another well done chapter with splendid dialogue, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up. REALLY good job on the reasoning behind the mix-up that brought Spike to Spyro's world as well as Spike planning and executing his escape and the first meeting with Spyro and Sparx.

On to the next chapter.

Excellent work on the dialogue, action, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Good mix of the stuff from the actual game and good contributions from Spike, especially with Spike's newly increased strength (which is a logical new power for him given he can already breathe fire).

Again, on to the next chapter.

Managed to read this fully.

Gonna be pretty awesome in seeing how this crossover turns out.

Another excellent chapter. Definitely liked how well Spyro and Spike are connecting to each other (not just talking to each other concerning background similarities but also their teamwork in those first couple of battles) as well as Ignitus's reaction to seeing a second purple dragon.

On to the next chapter.

Another really good job on the dialogue, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up. REALLY appreciated the discussions with Ignitus and the realizations that Cynder injected Spike with bits of her DNA (justifying his new abilities to a certain extent but at the risks of darkness slowly overtaking him). Also liked Spike reflecting on the stakes to Equestria as well as Spyro's world. All of that, of course, is in good combination of the stuff from the actual game.

VERY MUCH looking forward to more of this.

ANOTHER really good job on the dialogue, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up. Definitely liked the stuff about Spike and Spyro learning to control their fire powers (especially with Spike being able to make that fire sword) while they were also learning to fight better as well as the explanation for how Spike can fly even though it will still be several months before he gets his wings from his first Molt.

Most assuredly looking forward to more of this.

Seeing that Spike can form a sword via Fire and enhance his fists with Lightning(maybe evolving to it forms into battle knuckles/gloves), wonder what other weapons Earth and Ice will give him?
In fact I can see as he grows stronger, the weapons he forms can evolve/become stronger too

Another really good job on the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Again, really liking the teamwork between Spike and Spyro as well as the reactions to Spike's own new abilities, the growing darkness that Spike is fighting, and the experience Spike has been sharing with Spyro and Sparx (even if Spike was honest enough to admit that Twilight and her friends did most of the dirty work in most of the adventures [with the exceptions of the battle with Sombra and the Dragon Lord competition]) as well as Volteer's reaction to seeing TWO purple dragons. And, yes, that IS all in combination with the stuff from the actual games.

REALLY looking forward to more of this.

More sweet action while also giving us a reminder of Spike's condition, nice! :moustache:

Had a thought on what if later on Spike ends up controlling that corrupted side, he could use a transformation similar to Devil Trigger from DMC to enhance more with darkness and such.
Or similar to Riku's dark mode from Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories

I'm in doubt. On the one hand, I would like to read your story. On the other hand, I really like the "Legends" trilogy, so the disappointment may be too strong. I don't even know.

It's okay dude, I can understand it, I'll try to do the best I can with this story, but if your disappointed with it, I'm sorry, but I'll try and do it the best I can

Anyway, I haven't started reading yet. Who knows, maybe I'll even like it.

Another great job on the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. In addition to, of course, the stuff from the actual game, I DID like Spike reflecting on the subject of prophesies and appreciated the other dragons showing concern for him on how much body corruption Spike is undergoing. Also liked Spike developing super-speed (especially the Sonic-styled spin dash) while learning more about his new electrical powers. That could definitely be helpful in later adventures so long as he is careful to not overuse his new powers. And, yes, Spike learning to control the dark energy and employ it constructively might be cool to see later on - especially if he also learned to combine both light and dark equally and achieve a full-on "Super Mode". But that's for later and is just as likely to be a wrong guess as a right one anyway.

REALLY looking forward to more of this at any rate.

I kinda hate to be that guy, but the dragonfly parents actually have official canon names. The Dad's name is Flash and the Mom's name is Nina.

Okay thank you, they were never dropped in the games so I had to come up with something for them, but thank you for letting me know this.

It was only dropped in concept arts and stuff, which is why you'd never know unfortunately

Oh boy, while it's good to see Spike getting wings it's not so good that he's turning faster than before, yikes! :twilightoops:

Again, you did an excellent job on the dialogue, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up. Definitely feeling the mixed emotions about Spike continuing to get new abilities (in this case being able to produce ice spears now) but getting corrupted faster in the process every time he overuses them (and I have a feeling Cynder's goons will continue to get tough enough to FORCE Spike to overuse his powers). And I did also appreciate the extra scene with Cynder talking to one of her generals (actually her adopted father Malefor's generals, but Spike, Spyro and Sparx won't know THAT until the third game) as well as Spike getting wings as a mixed bag of what Cynder has done to him. DID like the thought of combining fire and electric against that one boss.

REALLY looking forward to more of this.

Spike is turning faster it seems.
Wonder if he might start hearing Malefor's voice or something in his head as he tries to resist giving into the dark temptations of evil when he is dangerously close to being fully corrupted.

Again, you did superb work on the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. So Spike has just a couple more days before he ends up fully corrupted (if they don't force him to overuse his powers even more, which they probably will). Yeah, Spike being worried about Cynder being that cunning as well as powerful makes a great deal of sense (as does Spike recalling how many times that he and his friends had to push through really bad spots in Equestria in order to prevail). Hopefully, Spike and Spyro will figure out how to undo the corruption before it's too late. And, yes, that is in addition to the canon stuff from the actual game.

REALLY looking forward to more of this.

Spike gotta have a strong heart to not lose sight of himself even when becoming a Dark Dragon like Cynder.

Thanks again for the action, characterizations, dialogue and future chapter set-up. And, yeah, Spike was planning on letting Spyro handle most of the fighting to slow the corruption, but the bad guys forced the issue. And the additional abilities Spike gaining from the Earth power makes a lot of sense, even if the corruption is near-complete now. Here's hoping Spike will be able to hang on long enough for a cure to be found. And, yes, the mole people being able to sense the corruption from their sense of smell is a logical detail. And, of course, that is in combination of all the stuff from the actual game.

VERY MUCH looking forward to more of this.

I didn't know Terrador's voice sounds similar to Spike when he's in Gen 5.

Wonder what weapon Spike can make with those shadowflames?

You seem to be misinformed Sparks hatched first so technically Sparks is the big brother I mean not big physically but older

why do i have a feeling cynder is either spike mom or sibling

Another really well-done job on the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up in this chapter. And, yikes, Cynder being Spike's mother? (which would make Spyro his stepfather after the third game) Yeah, that was a downright emotional rant. (and, yes, Spike seeing his mother getting de-aged to his and Spyro's ages would definitely be intriguing.) And, yeah, Spyro and Spike finding out about the Dark Master, as in canon for just Spyro makes a great deal of sense. Now we'll soon be starting into the climax of the first game.

REALLY looking forward to more of this.

It was quite a twist that he's Cynder's son.
Would be awesome in seeing how he learns to control those dark powers too.
And helping Cynder embrace using those powers for the side of good and against evil such as Malefor.

Quite the bombshell reveal for Spike & Cynder in this chapter, glad we did get them both back!❤️

i fucking knew it cynder's his mom

Wonder if Ember and Thorax felt any regret about regarding Triple Threat since it was the last time they saw of Spike before he was taken.

"While I appreciate you raising and caring for him Twilight, our kind does not just leave our eggs out in the woods like that, if you girls haven't found out how this happened, I'll have to take those matters in my own claws, I'm the Dragon lord, and if Spike's parents are out there, they'll need to explain in good detail why he was abandoned." Ember said stomping her foot down while the others gulped a bit. "We've tried finding anything that could help us find his parents Ember, but we haven't found anything, I don't know about you.. but it is pretty strange for Spike's egg to be alone like that.. don't you think?" Twilight asked while Ember was calming down again. "Yeah, it is pretty strange.. hold on a minute.." Ember said as she finally realized something that could answer this.

This right here is what should have happened in the show.
Like Ember would be duty-bound as Dragon Lord to investigate about Spike's egg since eggs of sapient beings don't pop up out of thin air.
For all she know, the egg could have been stolen. And also the fact she would probably want to investigate too since if other dragons found out about Spike's egg, ALOT of misunderstandings could happen. Such as some dragons(who hated what changes Ember is forcing onto them) will believe Spike is part of some plan by ponies to keep the dragons docile like this is some complicated scheme. Its a whole can of worms Ember would want to prevent and get to the bottom of.

Excellent job on the catching back up with Spike's friends back in Equestria. It makes sense that they would all be worried out of their minds. Plus, indeed, Ember's points and questions make a great deal of sense for the context they are working with.

Very definitely looking forward to more of this.

Glad we got to see how everyone back in Equestria are doing in regards of those guys that took Spike away! As another reviewer pointed out I really wished Ember investigated where Spike's egg came from in canon, especially since she owed Spike not only her lord tittle but also her life...twice!!! :rainbowdetermined2:

I'm up to date with this one now.

Now the question is Cynder going to run or stay.

Downright emotional chapter. Definitely liked the work going into the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. So, this chapter picks up shortly after the end of the first adventure (which went largely the same as canon for the first "Legend of Spyro" game though with minor additions), And, yes, Spike's reflections on the things he and Spyro discovered, wondering how he was going to learn to properly balance his dark powers and the lighter powers AND how his friends back in Equestria would react to seeing how he changed both outwardly and on the inside makes a great deal of sense. And, when we get to the third and final game in the series, I wonder if Spike is going to tauntingly refer to Malefor as "grandpa" in the final battle, but that would be a nice touch. It will definitely be beautifully bittersweet when Spike's Equestrian friends finally manage to find him and talk to him.

REALLY looking forward to more of this.

Again, you did a wonderful job on the latest chapter. The dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up are really well done. Definitely liked Spike helping Spyro convincing Cynder to stick around and I also appreciated the continuing discussions of Spike's worries concerning the growing darkness both in the world and in himself.

I am definitely going to be looking forward to more of this.

Cool idea that Cynder is now with them along the ride.
Wonder if Spike will point out that he has some friends in Equestria that were once villians but reformed(such as Luna and Discord)

Wonder if the weapons Spike can manifest will end up upgrading themselves as Spike grows strong with each element?

Hello there. Thanks very much for getting this next chapter up. Again, you did an excellent job on the dialogue, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up. Yeah, Spike discovering the Shadow power was a really good touch, as was the observation about only using it when absolutely needed. Also liked Cynder fighting alongside Spyro and Spike.

I am most assuredly going to be looking forward to more of this.

Again, you are doing a wonderful job on the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Really like the stuff about Spike reflecting on the possibility of getting the combined abilities of both Spyro AND Cynder as well as on the risks concerning the corruptive potential but being more worried about the possible outcomes of at least two worlds. It does, indeed, add some pretty good depth while still keeping the stakes in mind.

And, if there were a multiversal crossover adventure between this Spike and your other more powerful alternate Spikes set after the final game of this series, it will be interesting seeing the Spikes compare and contrast their abilities and experiences while working as a team to stop the main villain.

But, anyway, really looking forward to more of this.

These strange apes are humans, right?

No they aren't, they're believed to just be creations of the Dark Master, humans were never even mentioned in the Spyro series, and if they do exist, they may be closed off in an entirely separate realm like the Dragons are, or how Equestria is here, so it's very unlikely that they are.

Thanks very much for getting this next chapter up. Again, you did a very good job on the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Definitely appreciated the reflections on how there were very few truly safe places in this world, how things might have gone differently if Spyro was properly raised by Ignitius and on the threat level concerning the Dark Master among other things. And, yes, that was in addition to the stuff from the actual game.

I'm definitely going to be looking forward to more of this.

They were supposed to find Spyro who is the real purple dragon of legend, but instead they got the wrong purple dragon. Cynder isn’t going to like this when she realizes those rotten fleabags she call troops got completely mixed up and is going to throw a tantrum to the Commander that kidnapped Spike for getting the wrong one!

Not only that the Apes mistaken Spike for Spyro which isn’t going to sit well for Dark Cynder as they took the wrong one! Plus Spike gaining additional elemental powers like Spyro and Cynder in Dawn of the Dragon that is going to be epic and will be a huge triple threat to Malefor when the final battle comes.

Do you have plans for something that picks up after the Dawn of the Dragon arc like Spyro and Cynder working together to get Spike home and face a new enemy that threatens both worlds with technology that are far advanced that both worlds have presently.

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