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This story is a sequel to Shattering a Heart of Darkness

After returning to the side of good and banishing a threat to Equestria, Sombra is dealing with new changes, both physically and emotionally. He is now dating Twilight Sparkle and has moved to Ponyville with hopes of a fresh start. What kind of wacky adventures can the former Shadow King get into?

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 103 )

And were off to a good start.

Great, I'm glad you think so!

Yeah the sequel is out!!!!!!!!

Great start to the sequel, can’t wait to follow you on this journey!

Nice start, also I like the Gallifrey horse pun.

Thanks! I was actually thinking of doing some Doctor Whooves stories.

Whatever you write, I'll be in full support of it! :pinkiehappy:

Any hints on any of the "misadventures" Sombra's gonna have?

In the words of River Song: "Spoilers" ;)

Well that was an interesting chapter?

....Nope on the Granny Smith + Sombra

I would have to say an No on the Granny Smith + Sombra

Eh, not surprising ha ha

Aww............. what a cute chapter ending.

Aaaaand caught up.... DAMNIT I NEED MORE!

Your ability to characterize is fantastic. You've captured the personalities of everyone very well, and while it's humorous to imagine Sombra baking, I love how you made it feel natural for him. I also like this way you've done dash. Perhapse she opened up a little too much there after only being asked once, but there was great feeling and emotion in the piece. Sombra is written wonderfully himself. I look forward to more.

Thank you so much! Honestly, while I agree that Rainbow Dash isn't one to express her emotions, I think that Sombra's refusal to put up with her crap earned him some respect with her and she knows that deep down he's trying to make amends. Your praise means much and don't worry, more chapters are coming out soon!

That last statement tho.
Don't worry Sombra, you're gonna be fine...I hope.

He'll be alright. It's Shining Armor I'm worried about!

Okay that ending got a chuckle out of me

Thanks! The best humor just comes from Pinkie Pie.

Okay my daww meeter may need to be treated after this

So rainbow has a brother when can we meet him

Oh, see, Sombra was talking about Twilight's family. Sorry if that was unclear.

Well I believe Sombra has more experience while shiny has got the smack talk down

No arguments here! Although Sombra's last line definitely got an unexpected response from Shining Armor.

"True, but you're the numbskull that couldn't tell that the love of your life had been replaced by a changeling! Chrysalis tried the same thing with me but I love Twilight enough to be able to spot a fake. Are you stupid or were you just horny for some bug ass?"

:pinkiegasp: SHOTS FIRED!

Ha ha ha! Yeah, it ain't over yet!

Oh definetly sombra
Twibra for the win

Oh Lord shiny just makes me laugh

It's just like Shining Armor to completely ignore seeing a literal god

What Shining says:

"Now...there's two of him. I regret getting out of bed this morning."

What Shining is thinking: This is getting out of hoof, now there are two of them.

Yepperoni! Meesa thinkin' yousa right!

Well, that just happen!
Anyway, anybody else hungry? XD

Question when's the next update :duck:

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