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Once a devious villainess, Starlight Glimmer has come a long way in her reformation, now making up for her past mistakes with the aid of her new friends. Unfortunately, her past has her questioning if evil runs in the family so acting on Twilight Sparkle's advice, she decides to make a presentation on her family's genealogy. After an exhaustive search, Starlight discovers that she is, in fact, descended from Clover the Clever, Star Swirl the Bearded's pupil and one of the founders of Equestria!

Armed with this knowledge, Starlight decides on a more "interactive approach" for her presentation. Enacting a time spell, she brings Clover the Clever to the present and gets to know her great-great-great (times fifty) great-grandfather.

*Part of my head-canon universe and occurs sometime early on in Season Six

Yes, I am aware that some people write Clover the Clever as a female but in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls-Forgotten Friendship, Clover is described as "he" so that's what I'm going with.

Cover art is from mlpfandom.com

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 57 )

Interesting so far. I'll have to see where this goes...

Yeah. If I had spent two and a half hours on painstakingly building a house of cards, only for Twilight to carelessly knock them over in seconds, I'd have done the same thing.

Discord apparently doesn't know what a Mary Sue actually is. I knew the guy was a complete idiot.

I love Starlight the most in the show. But even I know that, while she is one of the best in magic, shes kind of average in everything else. Mary Sues tend to excel at everything, which kind of makes them boring because there ends up being very little conflict because everything usually ends up going their way.

Heck, Twilight is the closest thing to a Mary Sue in this show.

This looks like it could be quite promising, though I wonder if certain events will eventually cause this to get an AU tag?

Twilight, you unwilling, unknowing insticator of doom. :twilightoops:

Hmm. The childs name starts with S. I was going to say it's a time displaced Starlight, but the child grew up and has a history.

Unless she was turned into a baby, had her mind wiped, and was put in the future.

So, how long before Discord calls in that "favor"? You know he'll bring it up when it's least convenient for Starlight. :pinkiecrazy:

I foresee Starlight getting sidetracked before she can tell Clover about her past.

It was a joke to poke fun at all of the Starlight detractors.

Nope, this is supposed to take place in the show. Think of it as an untold story

Wouldn't be very fun if it were that straightforward :raritywink:


I know. I'm just making fun of Discord and how he thinks he's so smart, yet does and says a lot of dumb things. :trollestia:

You got him perfectly in character. :rainbowlaugh:

That's fair. I mean, his entire plot in Season 9 was just too stupid for words

I know, right? A child could see how that whole plan was going to turn out. Seriously. Forming a bond between some of their greatest foes. Leaving them unsupervised. Given them the knowledge about and the location of an item that could take him out. Not at least telling someone like Celestia the heads up (Considering she allows these threats to pop up, knowing full well about them, and doesn't say anything to Twilight, she might have gone along with it, but kept it more under control) So many other bad choices..

That's why I'm in the process of writing my own head-canon universe, one where (spoiler) the real Grogar is the central antagonist of Season 9. I'm early on in the series with my stories When Darkness Falls, The Return of the King and Family Reunion.

you know.. they're kinda dumb for not telling Clover they have a dragonquess 'friend' in advance.. also can't wait for Clover to meet the royal sisters. Sorry just read its based on season 6 lol.. wait after the crystalling?

Ok hope he finds Amore's descendant Cadence and maybe baby Flurry lol

Seems like if he lived that long ago and had kids, a lot of ponies would be descended from him. I guess most just don't know about it?

Must have been sometimes before Matter of Pricipals, at least, or it would have made for a short episode.

Yeah, funny how that doesn't come up, huh?

And this takes place after "The Crystalling" but before "A Hearth's Warming Tail"

Timeline wise, does this Clover already met the royal sisters in his time? His mentor Starswirl did teach those two while they're still rebellious twerps. lol

Yes, a few times when they were fillies

I would think that Cadence is closer, but point taken.

The Umbrum-Draconequus War? First I've heard of it. This could be interesting.

It's referenced in a few of my other head-canon stories, starting with Reign of Chaos: Discord's Story and continuing into When Darkness Falls and The Return of the King

Oh dear. It appears that Clover doesn't know about Nightmare Moon.

he shouldn't have.. yet. It slipped. Clover now knows Princess Luna was banished sometime into his future. He doesn't know bout 'why' or 'how'. So he doesn't know about Nightmare Moon specifically

10176932 Well, that could make the reunion with Celestia and Luna kind of awkward.

Okay my feels how dare you

The reveal of Starlight's past was very well executed! I even teared up a little...

Wait a minute, are you telling me that you're the descendant of Clover the Clever?

That was like more than 1000 years ago. Better question is who isn't his descendant.

Yeah, me too. I don't know why Twilight's like, "Why are you so mad? You shouldn't be so mad over a house of cards."

Yeah, just like, "Who isn't George Washington's descendant?"

"Wow, you're Starlight's relative! Funny, you're way nicer than I thought you'd be. How did you react when you found out about Starlight and Our Town and the time-travel-revenge-plot?"

"Forgive me, yet could thou repeat that?"

"Actually!" Starlight hastily interrupted. "We have to go. I was going to take Clover...over to Rarity's! Yep, taking a trip to the boutique. That's the game plan."


"This is amazing!" He attacked the milkshake with vigor, slurping and sucking on the straw.

"Wait, don't drink so fast! You'll get..."


"...brain-freeze. Are you okay?"

Clover massaged his temples and peered at her. "It is a naughty trick! It beguiles thou with its sweet taste then delivers pain to thy skull. Wicked, wicked milkshake!"

"I did warn you. Just try to take it slow..."

Once more, Clover was guzzling the beverage down. "And then it beckons thou to return for moe!"

Starlight shook her head as Clover let out another yelp of pain. The cycle, consisting of pain and curses and then more crazed sipping, continued on until his glass was empty and he patted his stomach contently.


I think the better question is, "What didn't he do?"

Nice Samurai Jack reference with the chapter name. :twistnerd:

Discord did a good. He left a little souvenir for Clover. Starlight's gonna find a letter or something from her ancestor and I'll get the warm fuzzies.

And thus it all comes full circle.


Good story. Many feels!

Pinkie Pie convinced Clover to try a cupcake, after which he went on a binge and ate six before throwing up. Wiping his mouth, he then swore off sugary sweets, albeit while staring longingly at a plate of donuts.

Giving up milkshakes so quickly, huh?

Nice! No dislikes! Perfect record! You have earned your 24th like!

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