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It has actually happened.

King Sombra, the merciless tyrant and dark sorcerer, now rules over the Crystal Empire. What's more, he is holding not only its royal family hostage but also the only six mares (and one dragon) that can stop him. What dastardly plan does the cold-blooded despot have in store? Why, a song, of course!

*A parody inspired by the song "Peaches" from the recent The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Spoiler: Contains Twibra and Sexy King Sombra

Suck it, Flashlighters!

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This story is a sequel to Sombra's Recovery

"The problem of restoring to the world original and eternal beauty is solved by redemption of the soul."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sombra, the former ruler of the Crystal Empire and semi-reformed dark magician, has taken it upon himself to seek out a cure for his trauma and redemption for his past mistakes in the wake of his recent actions as Tenebris. To this end, he has decided to enlist the aid of a therapist and rid himself of the rage that has infected his soul for centuries. The road will be long and arduous, but in order to cleanse his soul and find true happiness, he is more than willing to walk it.

*Takes place in my head-canon universe

Set during Season 5, after "Appleoosa's Most Wanted"

Contains references to Twibra; if you're not into that, then you might not like this story

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It's been nearly three years since Lucas mysteriously arrived in the land of Equestria, a world of magic and bipedal pony-people. Now it's Hearth's Warming and he's spending it with Princess Luna, his marefriend and co-ruler of Equestria. He loves Luna more than anything in any world and he wants a gift that will convey that.

Written for nightshroud96

Cover art by Joakaha

Happy Hearth's Warming 2021!

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This story is a sequel to All Hail, Midnight Sparkle!

After a year of incarceration, Sombra was free and ready to take his revenge on Princess Celestia when, against his better judgement, spared her life and fled. He then aided her and Equestria's heroes in freeing Twilight Sparkle from the influence of Nightmare Moon, though he experienced his own trial during that time. Now once again on the run, Sombra is questioning his purpose in this brave new world. What is next for Sombra now that he finds his life is changing? Will he change as well?

*Takes place in my head-canon universe

Set during Season 5; takes place after "The Cutie Map" but before "Appleoosa's Most Wanted"

Contains Twibra; if you're not into that, then you might not like this story

Cover art by RossmaniteAnzu and is used with her permission

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This story is a Prequel to When Darkness Falls

King Sombra has been defeated. His rebellion has been crushed, his allies scattered and now for his punishment, Princesses Celestia and Luna have used the Elements of Harmony to strip him of his mortal form, trapping him as a living shadow and imprisoning him deep underground the depths of the Frozen North. For a thousand years, he suffered a fate worse than death. Now learn what he went through as he waited for his nightmare to end.

Cover art by DragonwolfRooke

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This story is a sequel to The Return of the King

Twilight Sparkle, still adjusting to her new role as a Princess of Equestria, finds herself plagued by stress and self-doubt as she questions her worth to her friends and to her country. Unknown to everypony, Twilight included, she has become possessed by the same force that turned Princess Luna into Nightmare Moon. Soon, Twilight is transformed into Midnight Sparkle, self-proclaimed Queen of Magic and sets off to conquer Equestria for herself. Desperate, her friends reluctantly team up with Sombra in order to get their Twilight back and end the threat that started a thousand years ago once and for all.

*Part of my head canon series

Set during Season 5 after "The Cutie Map" but before "Castle Sweet Castle"

Contains Twibra; if you're not into that, then you might not enjoy this story

Cover art by MelSpyRose

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This story is a sequel to Family Reunion

The Main Six, plus Starlight Glimmer and Spike, decide to take a vacation and opt on a trip to Neighagra Falls to get away from their stressful and often downright strange lives. After exploring the nearby caves, Starlight and Spike are caught up in a mysterious flash of light and suddenly find themselves in Canterlot...except that it's a thousand years in the past! Careful not to attract any unwanted attention (or inadvertently cause any time paradoxes), the two seek out Starlight's great-great-so-many-great's-great-grandfather, the legendary Clover the Clever to return them to their proper time. Along the way, they encounter younger versions of the present-day diarchs, anachronisms, a treasonous conspiracy and an angry witch.

To think...they just wanted a vacation away from the weird stuff.

Set during Season Six; takes place after "The Saddle Row Review" but before "Spice Up Your Life"

*Exists in my head-canon universe

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Monster of the River Ván, Fame-wolf, Bringer of Hlín’s Second Sorrow, Devourer of the Allfather…

These are some of the titles assumed by Fenrir, the gigantic wolf and son to Loki, god of mischief. Bound for centuries by the Æsir, he manages to slip from his enchanted bonds to participate in Ragnarök, the final battle between the gods and the various monsters of the Nine Realms. After killing Odin, Fenrir himself is slain by the silent god Vidar, his jaws torn apart and his heart impaled. Despite this, he dies content in the knowledge that he ate old One-Eye. Death, however, is not final.

Awakening in an unfamiliar forest, Fenrir discovers that he has been reincarnated, once more a wolf pup and living in a new realm filled with...sentient ponies?

*Inspired by Norse Mythology (hence the "crossover" tag)

Cover art by Throwmeafreakingbone (aka, "Me")

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"One thousand years ago, King Sombra, a unicorn whose heart was as black as night, took over the Crystal Empire. He was ultimately overthrown, turned to shadow, and banished to the ice of the artic north. But not before he was able to put a curse upon the Empire."
-Princess Celestia

Everypony knows about the terror that is King Sombra and the iron-hooved grasp he had on the peaceful Crystal Empire, placing its citizens into slavery as he ruled from a palace of dark magic. That's the official story anyway. What were things like under King Sombra's reign and what really happened when Princess Celestia and Princess Luna confronted him?

*I wrote this out of boredom

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This story is a sequel to Care to Buy a Lady a Drink?

You are Anonymous, aka Anon, the only human in Equestria. Last night, you happened to meet your good friend Rarity in a bar and after revealing to you her recent feelings of self-doubt, you decided to hang out with her and buy her a few drinks. After escorting her back to your place, you proceeded to engage in hot drunk sex with the fashionista and you fell to sleep in each other's embrace.

The next morning, you awake in Rarity's bed with a pounding headache and a foggy recollection of last night's steamy encounter. You then meet up with Rarity in the kitchen and decide to have a nice discussion about your drunken tryst and your current relationship, agreeing that you'd like to be an official couple. How will Rarity's friends react to the news? Will this devastate Spike?

Contains: Serious conversations, a romantic relationship between a human and a pony, scenes of inter-species love-making, the name Anon and the Feels

Cover art by Karzahnii


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