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Hello. I'm MisterEdd and a horse is a horse of course of course.


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Yo Anon's gettin' mad pussy, bro. So much, in fact, it's not even funny. But it is good. Amazing story, and amazing plot (both of them). Take my like 👍.

Thanks man! Love your icon by the way!

No problem! And thanks. Made it myself.

After reading this, I only have to wonder...

How is this rated T?

Also, my godly senses are tingling, and they're telling me that this should be M-rated

Sorry about that, I finished it up after a long night and didn't pay attention to it.

I fixed it. Thanks for that.

Yeah, you weren't ashamed to admit that you'd wonder what it'd be like a fuck a pony. An Equestrian pony, not an Earth one.

That's pretty racist, man. That shit's not very friendshipful at all.

And in that moment on the crystal empire, Princess Cadence woke up from her bed with a smile and simple say 'One down, five to go'

Well I think it save to say that neither of them will be going back to that bar again. Or at the very least they will only go on occasion and to celebrate their anniversary.

Jeje good for those love birds, they finally fill that hole in their chest.

Glad that you enjoyed it!

Yeah it had just the right among of romance and, love making. That is the difference than a cheap clop story. When the character really connect it makes things all the more beautiful. I would have liked to see the 'day after' to confirm their feelings were complete true/ some embarrassment when they remember what happen/ slight horror from Rarity when she discover she destroy one of her creation and insist in making, and giving Anon an entire wardrobe as an apology.

Over all…yeah, will you be incline to do a sequel? It doesn't even need to be another clop, just they figure out what happen and what to do from here on out.

Thank you very much and that was what I was going for. I just don't like writing sex scenes just to write them. I like the emotion behind it; of course, I could just be old-fashioned. As for a sequel...let's just say that one might be in the works right now...:raritywink:

This was an amazing story

Thank you! There's a sequel out.

This is awesome. Cute, Hot. All the right things. :twilightsmile:

"In Docklin's fair city, where the mares are so *hic!* pretty...!"

She always had a lovely singing voice, but it was currently hampered by her intoxicated state, coming out screechy and slightly off-key, interrupted here and there with giggles or hiccups.

"...I first laid eyes on...he-he-he...sweet Molly Malope!"

Is that a Clockwork Orange reference?

Indeed! Finally, someone caught it!

Ah, a finer tale of smut and fluff I have not seen in many moons!

"In Docklin's fair city, where the mares are so *hic!* pretty...!"
"...I first laid eyes on...he-he-he...sweet Molly Malope!"

My gawd. They were lucky no adolescent colts showed up to beat the ever living shit out of them. :)

Aye, just a bit of the ol' ultraviolence till the streets ran with the red red kroovy

Still not as bad as Ultra-Nightmare. :P

Good shit, brother. Made me laugh at a few points too!

I recommend editing your work more closely though. So many typos or errors in grammar / spelling that it almost took me out of the story. Almost :rainbowwild:


Despite the rather painful typo in the description, you have my attention.

"Anooooon! Help me," she whimpered with a pouting lip. "The stairs are being rude!"

This is peak Rarity.

That's my favorite line, to be honest.



you're stuck in a work

My dark mind jumped at the,
“You smiled and drifted to sleep.”
Did Anon..... die? Or better yet, was this just a dream that Princess Luna caused because Anon is a tragic loner (who is also Slender man?). Sorry- I over analyze stories Lol

No need, I kind of like your interpretations

Funny dialogue from Anon at times :raritywink:
Rarity and Anon having a fling was written nicely.

She giggled sultrily and gave you a half-lidded stare. "How gallant of you. But as you can see, there's plenty of room for both of us." You could your boner rising. "Wouldn't you like that... Darling ?" You'd heard Rarity use that word so often but never in that context. She was horny and wanted your dick.

Only gunna point it out once but sir you forgot a lot of words in this story. I'd just give the whole thing a slow re-read

Well, there's one word missing in that section but thank you.

I meant the whole story I just didn't want to quote all of them :P

Ah. I'm usually a stickler for punctuation but I was sleep-deprived and bored when I wrote it. I've been going back and correcting it. Over than that, did you like it?

"Oh. Well hey, at least he knows how to play B-flat ."

Went out on a high note, I guess


I wanted to ask the same but here I saw your comment. :raritywink:

What a well written and very entertaining story. I look forward to reading the sequel! Keep up the good work👍

Nice mix of feels and lewd. Good job! I'm a sappy romance guy and I have high hopes for the sequel.

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