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This story is a sequel to When Darkness Falls

King Sombra, the dark sorcerer and former ruler of the Crystal Empire, has been defeated by Twilight Sparkle and the other bearers of the Elements of Harmony, leaving him stripped of his magic and imprisoned deep below the surface of Canterlot Castle. There, he waits for his chance to take revenge against Princess Celestia and conquer Equestria, though his affection for both his long-lost daughter and the mare that he loves have him question everything that he knows. Can the shadow-pony learn forgiveness and mercy or will he let his deep-seated anger and desire for vengeance consume him?

*Takes place in my head-canon universe

Chapters (47)
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Comments ( 201 )

Nooooo, the chapter is over!! It was good tho!

Yeah? I'm glad that you think so!

Really love how you develop King Sombra over the chapters. Too bad the main series didn't elaborate further in his origins. It will be unlikely but I really hope he comes back for an episode or two in the final season.

Looking forward for your stories! You are quite a good writer. I can't wait to find out more about the motivations behind the Massacre.

"I'm the last of my kind for a reason."

That's not ominous

Pinkie pie was a blast in this chapter

I love Avenged Sevenfold and I saw the videos that were used in this video.

Thanks, I always have fun writing her!

Maybe it'll pay off somehow?

Maybe*sniffs* Maybe

Title makes me think of this song.

Ah, Heavy Metal. Love that movie's soundtrack.

I swear if I could I would destroy those royal jerks. Are they gonna be brought to justice in this story?

Oh thanks god,I thought you will start a flashlight ship,Lol I feel happier than Sombra about their break

The guards are really #$%#!^^
Luna is always amazing when it comes to advises and a small relief chats :3

Mlp really wasted King Sombra character\:

Believe me, neither do I but I felt like there needed to be some sort of follow-up to the whole Flash-Sentry-pony-appearance at the end of the Equestria Girls movie and this wraps it up.

Pinkie is really something😂😂💔

Isn't she? I have a blast writing her.

The story behind the umbrums was a heart breaking💔,sombra went through a lot of tragic events)):

Thanks (I think). As much as I love the lore of the show, I wanted to show a different side to the establishment of Equestria. It's hard to believe that a land that big didn't already have indigenous races and that no conflicts arose between them and the new settlers. It's also to demonstrate that yes, for once, one of the antagonists actually has a valid point and the audience could sympathize with.

tears....a lot of tears

Its weird to think about shining reaction of his sister falling in love with his father in law,Lol

We'll see how that plays out when we come to it...

That's some back story I like it


In season 9 they brought him back JUST TO KILL HIM OFF AGAIN!

I saw it and was like....YEAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Like seriously I was just checking on it cause it was in my list :3 great job btw.

hmm..I have a feel that the flashback in the end will turn to be a sad one for sombra

No problem!

Next chapter: the return of your favorite characters, the a**hole royal guards!

Well done☺❤ , It been a while since the last time I read a fanfic XD, can't wait for the next chapter although the stupid guards will be in it :#

Aw. I was hoping he would rip that one guards throat out like Rick did on the Walking Dead.

*Celestia appears*
At that moment, they knew...they fucked up.

Daaamn I know Sombra and twilight are gonna end up together but you're not making it easy

Who knows? The story's not over yet...

I will never be happier of Princess Celestia appearances more than this one, she fucks them up☺, tho I still want twibra...
good work btw😁❤

Wonder what Celestia's reaction would have been had he actually managed to rip out Golden Shield's throat and he was dead in his own blood by the time she showed up to stop the rest from cutting off Sombra's horn.

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