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After his violent defeat, the former tyrant King Sombra has managed to claw his way back from the land of the dead and has returned to Equestria to seek revenge on Princess Celestia and the Elements of Harmony. However, the Emperor of Darkness is no fool. He knows that he cannot simply seek retribution on the Main Six or the Princess of Day, so he waits, gathering intel on his foes, learning of their weaknesses. When the time is right, he will strike. Can our heroes overcome King Sombra's plot for vengeance?

Sequel: The Return of the King

*Note: This story takes place in my official headcanon universe, not in the one for Shattering a Heart of Darkness

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You know, in the season nine premiere, King Sombra returns as the main villain. He goes after Flurry Heart for some reason. Will anything like that happen in this story?

I don't want to spoil anything but their paths do cross

Why, oh why do I have a feeling that Twilight might, maybe, probably be his daughter?

That last part was nice and sweet.

Ooooh, I see clearly now.

Gooooood. Wait, you actually thought that I was making Twilight Sombra's daughter? And that they were in a relationship? You underestimate me. ;)

It was an idea, that got shut down pretty fast, pardon me sir.

What is Shattering a Heart of Darkness?

It's one of my other stories featuring a What If? where Sombra defeats the Main 6 and Twilight has to marry him.

Poor Sombra, I feel sad for the old guy.

Me too. This is only the first in my head canon series (despite the existence of Season 9) and I will bring Sombra back for more. He's not finished yet!

I thought this was gonna be a twilight is Sombra's daughter story with that set it in the previous chapter

M. Night Shyamalan: What a twist!

You're actually not the first person to have come to that conclusion so don't feel bad

Pinkie can end wars with her cooking. The same can't be said about her singing

I'm predicting right now either rarity or cadance is his daughter

Not a bad reveal but it may come a little late

Well that's one way to do things

Aww come on twilight don’t be a stick in the mud. You can’t deny love when you see it

It's not over for them....

Nice start 👍✨,Although I am kind of confuse is this will be CadencexSombra or CelestiaxSombra?..Well I guess I will figure this out in the next chapters,who need to sleep anyway?

Ok to be honest,my enthusiastic for this fanfic went a little bit down when I felt that it won't be twibra story,but for really this chapter really got my full interest!!,Well done written✨📝.And for what I just read I will assume that the daughter will be either twilight or cadence🤔either ways this will be interesting

Okay now I am confused,😂How many twisted it will be in this?,I really have to stop throwing myself into conclusions😅

Sombra you will come around trust me.

Always Sombra scenes with pinkie are the best when it comes to comedy.:rainbow laugh:

Hmmm..I can't help but feel he will love twilight then discovery later that she is his long lost daughter ☺

As I am reading more chapters of the story, I became more curious about the daughter matter.😫💔

Lol,In the end of the story sombra won't kill or harm any pony after he take back his empire;because he is literately sparing the life of every pony he meet

Rainbow dash parents are always adorable for me><

King Sombra using Parcel Post as disguise reminds me a lot of Forest Mist from "Kiss of the dark"^^

Sombra and Twilight are so adorable couple💜💜,although Twilight doesn't know that the pony in front of her is Sombra☺

This is really starting to get more interesting....

Actually at the beginning till now I suspect cadence to be the daughter more than any pony in the story but Sombra present in ponyville and his relationship with twilight really confused me about the whole thing

Honestly,I thought he will try to convince her to join him but Nah I am cool with that,I already saw this kind of scenarios hundreds of times in severals twibra fics(;

My little pony...my little pony ahhhhh..ahhhh ><

Well That was unfair move coming from cadence.Also Nooo Sombra ))):

Aww the ending was so Cute but sad..☹Poor Sombra he deserve better\:,Anyway I loved the story so mush,it was really well written,the plot with the twists,The twibra scenes which I found amazing❤💜,I can wait to read the sequel 😁

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