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This story is a sequel to All Hail, Midnight Sparkle!

After a year of incarceration, Sombra was free and ready to take his revenge on Princess Celestia when, against his better judgement, spared her life and fled. He then aided her and Equestria's heroes in freeing Twilight Sparkle from the influence of Nightmare Moon, though he experienced his own trial during that time. Now once again on the run, Sombra is questioning his purpose in this brave new world. What is next for Sombra now that he finds his life is changing? Will he change as well?

*Takes place in my head-canon universe

Set during Season 5; takes place after "The Cutie Map" but before "Appleoosa's Most Wanted"

Contains Twibra; if you're not into that, then you might not like this story

Cover art by RossmaniteAnzu and is used with her permission

Chapters (26)
Comments ( 89 )

Ooh i wonder if primrose is playing match maker

*sing-songy* We'll see-eee...!

But sombra is already with Twilight 🤔

but he's not with her right now

Well no 🤔
Not physically, but they are in a relationship 🤨

Or am I missing something 🙈

you are missing that the soothssayer might be reuniting them

primrose is a trickster

Me too. I wanted a prophet character that wasn't dull or stoic but knew how to have fun.

~That's not worrying at all~

yea I'm not worried why are you worried stop worrying

Your lack of worrying is starting to worry me

"Oh, I get it," Rainbow Dash grinned smugly. "You're a lousy singer, aren't you?"

He's probably a excellent singer. That said I suspect he hasn't actually sung anything since he was the Prince of the Crystal Empire.

"Could we go back to watching the bird?"

I like how Sombra is the most interested in the cheap gift Rainbow got him. Something deeply ironic and pretty funny in that.

Great chapter!! :pinkiehappy:

I agree with Sombra here.
Self defense should be used as a last stand option, while diplomacy is more preferable in any problems.

He's definitely more pragmatic and logic-based in his rationale, whereas the Main Six rely more on emotions, basic morality, and societal expectations.

well Twilight could learn to be more open minded about some solutions

next chapter spike gets hurt Twilight goes say sorry to sombra but because of the fight sombra's recovery has taken a bad turn

"You did great." She pecked him on the cheek. "I'm sure that's three more ponies that you've charmed. At this rate, I'm everyone in Ponyville will soon let their guard down around you."

I think there should be a sure there

Seems like 2 ponies need to apologize to eachother..

Twilight for over reacting and sombra for trying to learn spike how to fight with out talking it over with Twilight first, oh and telling her that she is not spikes mother, she did hatch and raise him after all...

Really good chapter xD

Group hugs are the best!


Welp, don’t do anything stupid sombra

seems redundent to have so many fights back to back

Well it's to showcase each of the Main Six's fighting abilities.

Do'h Sombra...

You had a heartfelt moment with Spike.

But you really need to get that temperament under control :(

I looked too fast at the description and thought it said "hunted by clowns"

The individual who attempts to take an easy out, may find themselves with a far more troubling challenge in doing so.

Hopefully Sombra is willing to accept both the challenge, and the consequences that occur.

Any idea when the next chapter of lady out on a date will be around

No idea. It's not dead, I can promise that much.

"Really? Then tell me, how do you and your friends solve many of your problems?"

got the bitch

Twilight: fucking incinerates sombra
Sombra: nearly kills someone that tried to kill his friends
Twilight: hol up

Enjoying it so far!

dun dun dun

I am surprised it took the threat of his death to realize that wanting someone to change who they are isn't something that should be done lightly or for them. She wanted him to change because she couldn't accept his tough side when it came to fighting. Unfortunately she has to realize that if she had accepted him for him then he wouldn't be in this mess because I don't think even his dark side on loose will make him want to go back when he thinks twilight hates that side of him.

How come it's okay when the princesses want spike to learn self defense but when sombra did it it wasn't okay to the point where he got rid of his dark side just to make twilight happy?

I think the princess are doing it behind her back

I'm surprised if that's the case considering that ponies talk about honesty and expect everyone to live up to it even though it doesn't easily work in real life.

it could be that they know something that requires Spike to learn how to fight

Considering if twilight hadn't been trying to baby him she would have understood why sombra had been trying to teach him but if the princess do it it somehow okay.

again its probably because she doesnt know its happeneing

that last sentence made no sense

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