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Regarding Aversion: No, I don't think he has. He's being a prick right now, but I don't think that's the worst thing ever, Blueblood apparently tried throwing him off the mountain at one point, so... yeah. And I definitely think the story can be saved. My worries is it'll turn into a revenge-fest where the author's pet, Aversion, possibly even his self-insert, gets Luna and Discord to do even worst things to the character introduced as cheap hate-sink bullies. It already paves the road my random bully characters plotting together, i.e. Blueblood and whats-his-name who got jailed; they'll do something Stupid Evil and get punished even more. Fifty-fifty bet Luna will take the mantle of prince from Blueblood and give it to Aversion.

I also don't think Aversion or any of his "allies" will ever have their own actions lead to actual consequences. The writer doesn't accept negative opinions about that character. If you dislike Aversion, you are not welcome, which is why I believe he's a self-insert. It's an ego thing. The writer has such a fragile ego, they need the story as a power-trip and disrespecting him means disrespecting the author themselves. And that makes me lose respected for them.

Writers who wish to improve at least consider feedback. I didn't say the story sucked or something. I praised it. Disliking a character is not the same as disliking a story, or an author for that matter, unless they identify themselves with said character. And in that case, you get authorial bias. Wesley Crusher from Star Trek was such a character, Roddenberry loved him and made him more and more important, but the fans hated him. Heck, the ACTOR who played him hated him!

Aversion has not a shred of empathy. That's simply a fact. If he had, he wouldn't only ever feel angry at everyone who "wronged" him. Ruining somebody's business would lead to at least feeling a little bad for the ponies now losing their jobs, his fellow workers. But Aversion doesn't care. He doesn't care about others, except maybe Luna. And that's why I dislike him.

Oh god
I’m sorry for causing some of the problems here
So do you think that Aversion has reached his moral event horizon yet?

Do you feel that the story could be saved?

What’s your opinion?
Sincerely yours


I would've liked to answer your comment on Your Loyal Subject, but the author has deleted all my comments and blocked me. So, I would not expect the story to have anything resembling a discussion of morals. Aversion is the author's pet and will not be disparaged. That's highly unfortunate, and it shows MidnightwolfGX's description of himself as someone welcoming comments of all kind is a lie. Only praise will do. Highly unfortunate since I didn't even say anything bad about the story, only that I disliked one character. In other words, the author cannot stand the idea that his precious OC is disliked in any way, shape or form.

Merci beaucoup for adding Quete to your library. What about it did you enjoy?

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