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State of the Writer - August 2020 · 9:06am Aug 25th, 2020

It's probably about time I updated this blog thing, if only to push that last one off my profile page. So yes, in the last one, written way back in March, I had come down with a mild case of covid. Though it was mild case that didn't require hospitalisation, thank Celestia, it was deeply unpleasant experience that I can best describe as the worst hangover I have ever felt stretched over the course of a little over two weeks. Mercifully, I don't appear to have passed it on to anyone, as this

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Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you took the time to read all of it and I hope my future chapters don't disappoint.

Love your writing of Blueblood! I haven’t read the original Black Library sources (although I plan to), so I judge him based purely on my own opinion.

While he may be cowardly at times, and he rather snobbish and aristocratic, he is a genuinely talented hero and important figure in his own right. His character is deepened by his disdain for himself, which honestly is something I have not seen a lot of in fiction, especially when the looked down on actions are actually rather commendable. And above all else, I feel the entire first book of his story is tinged with tragedy. He regrets so much, and you’ve painted that stain of shame onto his memoirs. Red Coat, Crimson Arrow, Moth, and the countless people who have been touched by the horrors of war: I felt their regrets and defeats as surely as if I myself had seen it.

I commend you on your story. It’s one of the best I’ve read on this site, and still fills me with a sense of tragic melancholy for Blueblood as I write this comment. I’m comforted by the notion that he might join those he lost on the other side of the veil. May Faust rest his weary soul in peace.

*Blueblood will continue in a serparate story* guess i'm following you instead of the story noa.

Your pretty much writing a combination of Cain and Sharpe. The charming, cowardly, good hearted, and well humoured Cain, while adding the tedium of the military/officer life Sharpes books add as well as “borrowing” a few scenes - literally Finished Sharpes Eagle only a few days before reading the chapter so the bridge scenes was still fresh in mind.

Just do remember, while Cain was a cowardly man in his early years, as the books go on while he still makes out all his actions to just be self serving, cowardly and just plane undeserving of any praise or honour, after Perila (think that’s how it’s spelled) he starts maturing quite fast and his actions more heroic and actually good, and by his retirement is literally the hero he’s made out to be in the propaganda, only if he can’t see it himself - id properly say by the time he’s reached the 597th he’s pretty much the hero he’s made out to be, just again, he struggles to see it.

Thanks so much for the favorite and follow! Glad you enjoyed reading My Only Sunshine!

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