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This story is a sequel to Blueblood: Hero of Equestria

Prince Blueblood has escaped the misery of the Changeling War when he is sent to Canterlot to recuperate. He knows this cannot last, for it won't be long before he is called upon once again to risk life and limb for Princess and Country. As Equestrian forces march into the Changeling heartlands, Blueblood must rely on his instincts of self-preservation, deception, and sheer blind luck to survive.

Proofread and edited by Setokaiva

Cover art by jamescorck

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 19 )

Hmm, based on my familiarity with common tropes, i'm guessing that it's time for an internal crisis.
Oh and i'm glad to see a continuation of my favorite Blueblood's story. Thanks!


Absolutely brilliant! This is just a great way to start this story, and I already love it to bits. Keep up the exemplary work!

I love the Caiphas Cain series, so this'll be a blast.

Wait is there a chainsaw?
Seriously? Like is he holding chainsaw?

JCatt #6 · 1 week ago · · ·

Welcome back! Always good to see another addition to this story.

Yay! Great to see this back. And now to the internal politicking of the realm.

Nopony ever thinks to invent magical RAID.

It's almost like I know how to win at everything with the power of tropes and memes.


Ahhhh, the political intrigue arc... now things are getting interesting, as I've wanted to see what went on with Twilight's vaunted reforms for a while, now. Judging by Celestia's header notes, though... it arrived too late for a lot of folks. I guess we'll find out soon.

I don't suppose you've ever read Sherlock Holmes? This chapter kinda reminds me of one the Holmes stories, particularly the bits where Holmes and Watson are hanging around at the gentleman's club having a good time, when somebody important walks in and then the drama happens

I have actually, though that was quite a while ago and I wasn't directly inspired by those bits.

The abridged version available to the general public was four hundred and seventy-two pages long, while the complete edition with appendices was one thousand six hundred and nine pages

And now I imagine Chrysalis chained and trapped in a room, with Twilight giving her a daily eight hours lecture about the benefits of Friendship complete with charts and stadistics, unless she gives up and reforms.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I’d say it’s just a sword with a serrated or spiked edge.

Place your bets, what will try to kill Prince Blueblood today.
A: Changeling
B: Angry Nobles and/or MP
C: Imperial incompetence
D: All of the above

I fully hope and support any romance between Twilight and Blueblood.

Twilight was awesome this chapter. She may be chafing at tradition and protocol, but she is truly regal where it counts. It's good to see that her experiences in the war have galvanized her, rather than making her withdraw.

I forgot to mention this in my review of the last story but I find really strange that Blueblood had such trouble getting back into fighting shape after two years of exercises at the front. I know he has a very bad view of himself, a harsh self-critique and that he may have indulged too much in alcohol but still it felt like that early aspect of him was dragged for a bit too long.

Next! I forgot to ask before too: are we going to see that changeling tactics introduced by Pharynx that consists of multiple changelings grouping together and using their shape-shifting magic to transform into a much bigger creature to fight? It would be quite the nasty trick for the army to discover when the attacks the Hive.

And talking about changeling hives, will you use the design like in season eight, where the hive was able to shape-shift it's interior? That would hell for the army to fight into.

And there is the matter of Chrysalis anti-magic throne. I am pretty sure the hive in this story is not the main one where Chrysalis reside but it will be quite the hard obstacle to overcome when they stumble upon that quite nasty anti magic effect.

Since this story is an homage to the Warhammer 40K books series following the adventure of Ciaphas Cain, komissar of the Imperium of man, Blueblood is depicted holding a Chainsword, the iconic weapon of the komissar in 40K along with a las pistol (unicorn horn in this case) and the grimm uniform with cap. Of course in this universe, Blueblood use a trusty Patern 12 Saber or a rapier (a preferred the saber) and not this un-holy bastard child between a super-powered chainsaw and a sword.

D of course. Though I am hoping the author throw us a curve ball and introduce something new to raise the stakes.

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