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Hey! MasterBrony Forever here with a short Bio. I am 21 years old, and live in Cincinnati, Ohio. My favorite Character's from the show are Spike & Discord! Want more info just ask! :3



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My Own Versions · 11:46am August 4th

Have you ever read a story that you thought was going to be exactly what you are looking for, but instead it is just disappointing?

Yeah that has happened with several stories over the past few weeks. They are start off strong but then devolve into something meh. Many of them like Cubby Cheek, and Spike the Horny Dragoness have been like this.

The first promises a focus on ass fetish to start with but then turns into a mostly tickle and foot fetish by the end of it.

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Top Favourites

  • Bigger Than Mac Spike & Big Mac have gotten pretty close over the years, bonding while the girls were off saving the world. They finally admit their feelings for one another, as soon as Spike comes of age, but they hit a snag in their relationship. A BIG one. by DraconequusMaximus 34,736 words · 3,346 views · 221 likes · 60 dislikes

Favorite Spike Stories Of All Time

  • Love & Entropy Spike realizes Rarity isn't for him 10 years into the show's timeline. Deciding that he needs to get away from everything he decides to put his new wings to work as he searches for something to complete him. What he finds is not what he by DraconequusMaximus 15,136 words · 2,817 views · 114 likes · 22 dislikes
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Tea or coffee?

All your stories are next on my reading list. Looking forward to reading them.

Thanks for the fav.

XD I just hit 1k words and you find my story IMMEDIATELY
Thanks MasterBrony, I miss talking to you

Any news on doggy style

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